Tencent B2C farewell patron dignity fall fast and easy network path

about 4 months ago, Tencent announced that about $215 million stake in Jingdong, Jingdong to get about 15% of the equity, and listed 5% stake. Jingdong will acquire Tencent’s QQ online shopping and pat Network and a minority stake in the fast and fast network and the right to buy the remaining shares of the fast and easy network. And Jingdong and Yi Xun because business overlap, integration or adjustment is inevitable, but the pace of development seems to exceed everyone’s expectations.

, fast and easy to be outgoing internal unrest, multiple categories of goods on the site clearance, was accused of orders being canceled is not a reason for various reasons can not be served, but in the major social networking sites, fast and easy for the complaint is followed, and its founder has left. Insiders pointed out that Yi Xun seems to have been difficult to exist as an independent brand.

but the puzzle is a home at the end of last year, Tmall and Jingdong also dare to challenge the B2C giants, how would collapse in the second half of this year


difficult smooth transition

once aspiring B2C business, but now come to the end.

on July 7th, hang out a notice on Yi Xun website, say, "thank you for your support to Yi Xun network.". Easy fast network in the future will focus on communication, IT digital (including smart Home Furnishing and wearable devices), the field of home appliances, automotive supplies, provide more professional service and experience for you in the near future, we will gradually be revised to adjust. Please look forward to it! "

although 3C proprietary business was originally the core of fast and easy network, but Yi Xun once held high the banner of integrated electricity supplier, trying to capture daily goods, video snacks and other categories of electricity supplier market. But this announcement not only declared the rapid and comprehensive expansion of the failure of the electricity supplier, but also means that after being placed under the Jingdong, Yi Xun may be hopeless, continue to exist as an independent brand.

because on the surface, easy fast revision aims to recover the original simplicity, return to the road of professional vertical business platform of the original play, previously accumulated in the self-service advantage, focus on communication, home appliances, IT digital, automotive and other categories.

, however, insiders believe that Jingdong in digital 3C, home appliances and other categories in the electricity supplier industry has an absolute advantage, easy and fast revision, the market and Jingdong is more overlap. On the one hand, the supplier may put more focus on Jingdong; on the other hand, the Jingdong or Tencent, certainly will not be distributed to the traffic and other resources on the two platforms, otherwise it will appear right hand each stroke of the problem. In other words, the fast and fast brand has no need to exist, shrinking the category and then closing may be the final result.

in fact, the current fast not only for daily necessities and other brands clearance, there are many consumers reflect, its digital 3C and other core categories have also been a substantial price reduction and serious shortage of sales problems. For example, a Kingston 32GB storage card, easy to play fast low-cost 69 yuan, but shows temporarily sales.