The importance of changing your mind as a webmaster

Hello everyone, I’m unlimited traffic Federation, Xiao Hei, I’m glad to see you again, today and brothers talk about the transformation of ideas.

transformation of the first publicity method. I believe that the webmaster has deep experience, in order to improve the quality of website publicity is also a variety of ways, I am here for example: is doing friendship connection, some of our webmaster is really not day and night in the link group crazy hair connection, only to a person, other webmaster all the really spectacular stampede in that scene!! I had a few QQ directly dropped, I really admire these stationmaster at that time! In fact, we don’t need so many webmaster is just a direct connection with that person, and then directly disappear! Just waiting for someone to find him do! We cannot in the group to exchange our feelings first, a little progress every day! I think the effect will be better, so I came to


second exchange attitudes with other webmaster. Speaking of this, I take myself as an example, in a communication with the webmaster, the webmaster began to simply ignore, and later I said a few reluctantly sent a few messages. I really wonder, what I thought this webmaster so much pride. I talked on the basis of communication, so I didn’t say much, but it was a bit depressing afterwards. You are not to do my website, website is not worse than him, but the attitude is so different! As a webmaster, we should not be arrogant, but can not have the characters, sometimes really need to have the same spirit as schurrle.

there are several aspects, such as flow, optimization, the Internet too much, you can go and see! When we change an angle to see the webmaster, a change of thinking to think, what do we get? I hope the webmaster to ponder! By webmaster feeds, while welcoming the webmaster to join the unlimited traffic alliance QQ group number: 6585336 new people our common development and common progress! Thank you for the support!!