Take a clear cut stand against the list system and talk about the irrationality of the policy

all the Internet industry friends; I believe that you and I are the same, they heard the recent transfer of the domain name system raise a Babel of criticism of the white list? Many of my friends do not understand, please take a look at this news, this is 2009, it was 1 years before a news article "the Ministry intends to push overseas domain name no record list system cannot access"

Deputy director of the telecommunication administration of the Ministry of industry and information technology Liu Jie

revealed that the five measures include: the establishment of the domain name holder blacklist mechanism, will be shut down the website domain name holder included in the blacklist, prevent illegal websites to re apply for the domain name; applicants should submit authentic, accurate and complete information of domain name registration, domain name transfer must be re registered, violators the domain name will be canceled; not be resolved without the filing of the domain name; focus on cleaning up the management organization, domain name registration is domain name registration services business in the business promotion channel partners, cooperation, business promotion and network connection problems.

a simple point: the core meaning out of these terms is: 1: the domain name do not play, whether individuals or businesses do not register the domain name! Because there are a lot of extremely harsh terms and become insurmountable barriers to your licence. 2: domestic domain names must go through the censorship of inefficient institutions. If you are patient, you wait slowly. If you wait impatiently, then, as they wish, this is the effect. 3, foreign domain names, not through their review, the whole nation can not access.

frankly: these extremely boring policies or policy makers in extreme low intelligence, or let the Chinese nation and hide a malicious intent, isolated from the world civilization. The government of the entire Internet management policy, can take 04 years as a turning point, before basically is relatively laissez faire, 04 years ago or Chinese Internet industry booming period, from now on, it is these almost laissez faire years, Chinese Internet has created many miracles. From 04 onwards, were put in chains, in fact, I think the Internet management is necessary, in the 04 years before the rise of the Internet to see some negative, such as pornographic websites, fraud SP and many other aspects have caused trouble on the internet. But the whole 2005, China Internet management policy has undergone great changes, the basic industry management policy is set the tone for the active management, carefully open the eight words policy has almost become the main melody. What is worth pondering is that the DPP government in Taiwan is the eight word for the mainland policy period, and before that, the Kuomintang government was just in turn cautious management, and actively opening up. Although only in reverse order, but the implication is a big difference.

since 2005, China Internet management system has become the object of everyone at, not only for the individual owners, even for many enterprises have caused a convenient, I can speculate under these background system:

1: there are some ugly things on the Internet