Vertical class B2C electronic business platform product operations how to plan activities promoti

Each of the

vertical B2C electronic business platform products operating activities or operators are faced with annual or monthly promotional activities of special planning, first of all, we should always goal oriented planning activities, the specific direction:

one, the purpose of activities

1, order conversion

business platform profit model is the order flow into, access to post profits through the sale of goods, import electricity providers also need to be responsible for the supply of the goods or services provided, for B terminal operators are also called the category of operators, duties is responsible for communication with the supplier to ensure goods supply chain and commodity classification, and the traditional retail industry procurement section consistent function. Platform class electricity providers such as Taobao is through the sale of advertising or to provide value-added services to businesses, and each order of the Commission obtained profits, so the order transformation is a major business platform is the main goal of the KPI, all operations are attributed to the number of orders and GMV.

2, user active

regular shopping at the supermarket will certainly find that every time there are so many products in the promotion, even if not festivals, but more festive promotional products more powerful. Then, the online business platform is the same, need to maintain the user through the activity, when the user enters the platform is a desire for consumption, but is still the same commodity content platform, is to provide consumer goods for the user, allowing users here do not feel boring, in fact just a few discount package products, but in different the skin and not the same name, but sometimes not too far, part of the electricity supplier platform page content and the color is too rich, let users in and around without this desire, but straight to the goal after buying to leave, so the user experience is not good. More and more electricity providers not only take the traditional promotion route, but the content of route, like reading stories into the plot, such as the Taobao one thousand and one nights, timely user consumption, but also earned enough users to stay long.

3, get traffic

Tmall annual double 11 will put a lot of advertising, from the line on the line, from the form to the WeChat micro-blog live large, has become a marketing event, the pre event and the loud volume preheat publicity, page 11 price double identity, is to gather huge amounts of traffic in the sprint order the amount of peak flow to * conversion = orders, so the flow of laying is also very important, large-scale activities need well in advance to inform the preheating.

4, brand promotion,

big promotion activities in addition to the year’s orders outside of KPI, but also can bring the brand publicity, by laying a lot of advertising accounted for the user’s mental, let users remember 517 comments on section 618 on Jingdong chowhound, buy appliances, double 11 cat heaven grab special purchases for the Spring Festival. Electricity supplier Shopping Festival is such a national Carnival Carnival was created.

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