Some summary about the promotion experience of the friendship link

nearly half a month, mainly to do the promotion of friendship links, seemingly simple procedures and operations, in fact, is really better than the back of the elder sister Hui reading, but also to hone the will of the people. Friendship link, the name does not match, in fact, is to find a can use at the same time he also has the use of value to his website exchange links. PR, ALEXA, Baidu snapshot, SEO… All of these were included in the screening criteria. To find good, but not too good, to find the poor, and not too bad, only when both sides feel that they can get their own interests from the other website, the link is half finished.

to find and their site in this subtle relationship between sites, can be said to be general, you look for a needle in the ocean, and 100 friends of the chain of QQ, need to spend 2 to 3 hours (including search copy and paste add friends this kind of action), which were about 10 will succeed on the 10, if there are 1 successful cooperation, a thing that is very lucky. The real probability is only smaller than this, because the site you’re looking at doesn’t necessarily see you. Since the probability can not be increased, then want to do more links, methods without him, only qin. Here I suddenly feel strong, because so far I have successfully made 11 Links.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the link wasn’t going to be successful in a day. Remember the first week I started a chain, I spent 5 days, every day to spend 2-3 hours or more to find add chain QQ (maybe many people will ask why I don’t have email or MSN or QQ phone, this problem will be mentioned below). In order to successfully find Links, I give up lunch, after school hours, sometimes even eat the time compressed (usually because of too many courses, there is no time to get back to the dormitory, every site) is sitting in front of the computer to repeat the same action, click browse, Links, plus QQ or other contact, repeat until midnight, and then hastily wash sleep, second days to continue…… However, a week later, I not only lost, even more frightening is that due to spend a lot of time at Links promotion, before the leaflets suspended, which led to a sharp decline in traffic on the web. Watching the damn downhill line continue, I couldn’t help BOSS.

after the experience of BOSS teaching, my promotion results began to have significant ascension (hey hey, he taught me things is secret, don’t tell you. At present, my daily promotion time of links has been reduced to about an hour, and the rest of the time is to do web publicity. However, I hope that I can make a better promotion by summing up regularly and letting myself know some of my deficiencies. The following is a summary of my previous failures:

number 1: the work efficiency is not high enough. All previous conversations with administrators have been made by myself, but they are actually good for me