Seconds to shoot CEO Han Kun how to get out of the fire one to death circle

[Abstract] Sina micro-blog has become the largest shareholder of technology through continued investment, ensuring consistency between each other’s interests.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported December 25th

the second half of this year, the second shot, small coffee show two short video products became popular, not only frequently in the popular TV series "Nirvana in Fire" appeared, its parent company, the technology also announced $200 million D round of financing, among the Unicorn club.


seconds to shoot CEO," Han Kun said in an exclusive interview with Tencent technology. "The technology doesn’t really need financing, because it has a very good cash flow.". After the financing, the $100 million content fund will be set up to reward those who have made very good content in short video.

in the video industry are substantially burn case, the technology to maintain a good cash flow, because it does not have copyright and content promotion costs, only server bandwidth and personnel costs. Han Kun explained that because the video content of science and technology is just needed.

even used "Langya", actor Hu Ge and other seconds to shoot, "small coffee show" exposure, science and technology did not provide sponsorship fees. Han Kun told Tencent technology, mainly because of the technology and these television programs have reached cooperation, the two sides only belong to resource exchange.

"pay for the star of the high cost and if not the stars themselves willing to use the second shot and small coffee show, the effect is not long, but we put our content, our platform is done in accordance with the temperament of the star, the star can make love to use."

Han Kun said, this star and the use of WeChat, we would rather give China Unicom (micro-blog), China Mobile (micro-blog) these operators will not pay to pay WeChat star, but still free to use WeChat exchange, WeChat did not pay for the star.

now, most of the mobile phone video media in the short video, there are seconds shot figure, coupled with a small coffee show, science and technology has become China’s largest mobile short video platform. However, the second shot, small coffee show explosion before the red, science and technology have 2 years, not warm not fire.

used to make long videos,

technology was founded in August 2011, obtained D round of financing before has access to Morningside venture angel investment; red dot ventures lead millions of dollars A round of investment; Sina led, red dot ventures, Morningside venture capital investment of $ten million B round of financing;

also gained Kai Penghua’s profit, Sina, red dot ventures, StarVC (Vc firm co founded by Quan Ren, Huang Xiaoming and Li Bingbing) and $50 million in C rounds.

however, a technology originally of entrepreneurship is not too smooth, mainly to do long – making the video for a long time, but tepid.

then, Han Kun and Li Shanyou (micro-blog) founded Cool 6 nets together, 2010>