Share personal independent blog Research Report

today (September 26, 2008) finished the last work of the independent blog research report. From the questionnaire to the final report that sporadic lasted 20 days, with 52 users involved, the final questionnaire summary of the total number of words is 30 thousand and 4 words, considerable, here I would like to thank you for bloggers, thank you for your attention to this matter you spectators, thanks to zblog, thanks to the World Wide Web…

in September 6, 2008, was named in the blog and asked to answer the problem, problem is nonsense, such as your love is basically meaningless what colors like, or what is happiness, no answer to the question. In fact, what color I did not love and not love, if a wretched joke, I may say I love yellow, but if the girl asked, I would like to say I love to blue, blue told her, I always in blue. Digress: -). Finish this writing a series of suddenly a lot of things, why, I don’t do a blog about the independent research, this is a very meaningful thing, not only can let those who are outside our understanding of these money blogging guys, can also let us have a more profound understanding of your this group. Very good, very powerful ideas, so hot headed immediately wrote a questionnaire, and then spread out like small ads everywhere.

finally, I’ll do my best to send the final research report to every blogger involved and thank you for your participation,


1. Why would you choose to be an independent blogger in the presence of many free hosting blogs?

Keywords: freedom, personality, fashion, speed, interaction, copyright,

two, the original issue of blog, do you think it is not an independent blog to reprint too many articles?


Keywords: blog; excessive; copyright; soul

three, to the independent blog links question, you will link what kind of blog


keyword: relevance; update frequency; pr+ included; interactive; template; original

, this is the fourth part of independent blog research. What we want to know is how independent bloggers treat advertising and how to control advertising revenue. Through the questionnaire, the problem of advertising, bloggers differences are actually quite large.

has 23 bloggers simply said his blog, no ads, no future advertising plan, all kinds of reasons, said extreme points: despise advertising, real doubt advertising can bring the income, as well as bloggers said with advertising too much trouble, too lazy to do. Of course, more bloggers who choose not to make ads do not have much interest in talking about it. Just leave three words in this questionnaire without advertising.

‘s nearly 30 bloggers placed ads and did not exclude advertising revenue and put ads in the original