Problems existing in operation of Witkey network and measures for its implementation

Witkey network has been a continuation of a vitality, heritage of a culture, and carry forward a spirit of self-improvement. Iron barracks, soldiers running water, this is the time "Witkey business". Through the profit and the employer will Witkey closely together, let them through Witkey hobbies and their professional skills and gain fruitful returns, in this case, Witkey involved crowd is not the limit, so Witkey lacking talent team, lack of more tasks, to see if you have no single ability.

with the birth of Witkey Wangzhuan, they will have a new name witkey. However, as far as the operation period of Witkey network is concerned, there are many sources of outdated ideas, and some changes have been made in some principles and protective measures. These changes are not large, and the results achieved are very general. Witkey its outward lustre and pleasant, also can not conceal some bad facts, the growth of the road with some problems is normal, I also planted some dangerous seed, these factors will become Witkey the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, the future development of the "fuse", we shall discuss the matter briefly, present and future of Witkey network.

with pig eight quit Witkey network as an example, talk about Witkey network in operation what problems,


first, the site’s operating rules are not perfect. There are many rules here contains, not perfect first system can, for example, one exclusive fee, and attract the participation of all employers, according to their own preferences to choose the release, the author participated in such a standard selection, to give the cold store name, but with the "crane". Since it is finally winning the "crane", do not know the employer’s ignorance, or act in a diametrically opposite way. Therefore, only one person in the draft, then won the manuscript is not necessarily the best, but wasted all people’s energy and time. Followed by those who sent the task of the employer, there are many employers who do not read the draft, and draw on the ideas of the manuscript, but not the draft, there are many, for the time being, regardless of this ideology and morality, which in itself is a loophole in the system. Finally plagiarism and copying peer rampant, without any protective measures, even if you give the manuscript encryption, employers might bother to talk to you, will be related to the money to open a shop, signing the problem, provide a special service, encrypted and hidden manuscripts can solve some problems.

two is the website, the harvest that power guest is too apparent. The website provides a platform for everyone in this work, rent or other fees can be, but also behoove, but twenty percent of the fee, Witkey was too high, deduct twenty percent of the remuneration in the bidding process of payment, but also deduct a tax, in addition to cash when must deduct a fee, the money is really old witkey. Just as the old landlord constantly squeezed the work of the people. In order to strengthen human VIP services, Witkey also offers shops, display boards and signing contractors, which are charged, which can avoid plagiarism and plagiarism