Summary of local portal operating experience

has been thinking about the development of the local portal, and now the local portals are basically news, information and video entertainment. For most Internet users, there is no practical meaning!

!The emergence of

classified information websites meets the needs of most Internet users. Now, there are many such classified information websites. Recently, I have read a classified information website model well, called three step in the information network! I guess this name means that as long as three points in place, you can find what you want! Very creative. What I notice above is not only the classified information of each industry, but also the main thing is network 114. This thing attracts me very much. They have each industry to elect a representative of the enterprise as a representative, and 114 as the first check number on the website home page! This model is more conducive to users to check their information! However, through the text and phone calls, which can make the site becomes full, and can facilitate the users.

114 I think is a kind of reverse thinking business model! Let the customer see their contact information, and then enter the website of enterprise product information in the click! This model can deepen the users of the corporate memory, also can deepen the impression of users three step


hopes that this model can develop well on the Internet and bring benefits to the enterprise,


interested webmaster can come up to see

a web site is good and bad, not just to see how gorgeous its page designer is, how rich content information it is, but to see how much convenience it brings to its users. Users can easily query the website, I think it is a good site. At the very least, the website builder builds the website in the initial stage, is stands in the net friend angle to consider, therefore I appreciate this kind of pattern website, because it has facilitated the Internet user’s life,