Suggestions on foreign trade website construction

1. site color

foreign trade website is for foreigners to see, to Europe and the United States to visit habits to build, not too loud. Should be based on simplicity and stability, the tone to white and blue as the tone, white background, with different depths of blue to form a different region of the web division. Of course, according to different products. If the product line is basically mature, within a short period of time without changing product information, you can choose a static web site. Otherwise, a website with a dynamic database is best used to generate a static page. Static pages are conducive to search engines crawl, collection, web site using DIV+CSS+ pure static page generation or product information and website news using dynamic database, so that individuals can add and modify news automatically. Also easy to search engines included.

Character encoding for

2. site

web character encoding using Western European iso-8859-1, to prevent foreign browsing when garbled phenomenon, this particular attention.

3. website access statistics system

has access to the site tracking analysis, long-term tracking and analysis of their site access system using professional background statistics, this is very important, only in this way can the site to have a clear understanding of the. Know who, what area, and what time are you looking at this site?. From the access analysis, enterprise become do not know what is on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, promotion of, what promotion for their help, there would be no further on the site for improvement and upgrading.

The interaction and interaction between

4. website and visitors

makes a convenient message feedback system, and MSN and other customers instant messaging tools, to increase the affinity of the site, and increase customer interaction.


5. site tries to avoid large FLASH animations and pictures.

foreign trade enterprise website to achieve beautiful design reliable and professional, should be out of misunderstanding of FLASH and JS, many foreign trade enterprises sites like marquee as brightly coloured jump stop, not to search engine crawlers a site entrance into the enterprise, the site must have a clear structure and search system, let the customer more easily find the information they need. And adhere to search engine optimization, pay attention to the site in the search engine rankings.

6. detailed corporate image introduction

image of the company, product qualification certificate is very important, the company, through the verification of the delivery room, and even port pictures, appropriate display such as a connection, will allow the customer to enterprise more real understanding.

7. highly understands search engine optimization

many foreign trade enterprises marketing staff already know the importance of search engine optimization, in the website revision, technical secondary school goalkeeper optimization as the key, involving issues. However, a common case is: SEO >