Network e commerce emerald network =

"e-commerce world": in 2007, China’s operational capacity of the industry reached 2300 sites, with a total operating income of 14 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 47% compared to 2006. Some traditional retail industry and B2C e-commerce integration increasingly close, maternal and child products, mobile phones, jewelry, flowers, gifts, home building materials, a large number of traditional industry segments, the most profitable.

iResearch survey: 08 years of rapid growth Chinese e-commerce scale will achieve 125.1%, reached 126 billion 300 million yuan, a few years e-commerce market will maintain rapid growth trend for the future, 2011 is expected to reach 569 billion yuan.

mobile + network = wealth – Beidou mobile phone (

, the largest mobile e-commerce site in Asia, is dedicated to mobile B2C and B2B services and provides comprehensive e-commerce services. As early as 2005, the B2C business of Beidou mobile phone network has sold fifty thousand units in one month, and B2B transactions amounted to tens of billions of transactions in a year. is one of the first credit union China e-commerce sponsors, topped the 2004 and 2005 China commercial websites 100, the authority of the organization’s annual competitions have won the "most popular Chinese website", "the most potential site" and so on.

= wealth – flowers + network ( network)

Salala flowers

was founded in April 2000 in a small office building in Xi’an hi tech Industrial Development zone. In February 2005 more and the world’s largest online florist 1-800 flower house set up the only two-way cooperation between the March 2005 China Merchants Bank card brand become more service providers. Congratulations on the eighth April 2005 Shalala e-commerce conference held successfully, more become e-commerce conference service providers only designated flowers. November 2005 Chinese Flower Association become more. In 2007, the annual sales of up to 800 million yuan more.

shirt + network = wealth – PPG (

PPG was founded in October 2005 at the end of 2007, which has a staff of 500 people, the number of daily sales of more than 10 thousand pieces of clothing, and the domestic market share of the first YOUNGOR shirt last year sales of 13 thousand pieces per day not much difference between. Venture capitalists TDF and JAFCO Asia jointly invested in PPG in 2006, and the US KPCB Vc firm joined the second round of investment in April 2007. These two rounds of investment are close to $50 million. Entered in 2008, PPG sold more than 30 thousand shirts over the network average day.

diamond + network = wealth – nine diamond nets (

2006, the nine diamond jewelry network was established