Electricity supplier business model dismantling from closed loop to the ecosystem

Internet any product success is not only hot, still in a system, first meet the seller profits, then get directly involved in the network, manufacturers, delivery and so on various aspects of the benefit, and the downstream linkage of industrial chain, to achieve benefit. At the same time, improve and improve the user experience, and solve problems related to reality. It’s not just a simple closed loop, but a living ecosystem.


is a true hero with a new journey to meet the scars that are not to be bypassed.

from the Internet into the mobile Internet, just a dozen years, numerous subversion and innovation encountered by the sinister and opportunities, so I often sigh so. Classic such as water does not rot, it is a door-hinge is never worm-eaten for decades. Facing the difficult situation, the unknown dangerous, the misfortune, the misfortune, only then persisted, advances bravely, explores, perseveres, opens up a new journey, is really the hero, only then truly reveals a new page history.

closed loop (closed loop structure) is a kind of automatic control system based on feedback principle in industry. It is the core of intelligent control theory, which started in the early twentieth Century and swept into the world. Mainly refers to the signal from the input to output prior to the pathway also contains from the output to the signal input end of the feedback path, the two form a closed loop, a closed loop (loop), a closed-loop information flow. Today, this theory has been learned and applied to the e-business model of PC and mobile internet.

closed loop electricity supplier

closed loop in the electricity supplier, generally refers to the realization of closed loop in O2O. Online passenger flow is equivalent to input, offline consumption is output, and user feedback is the path from output to input, forming a closed loop.

Xu Lei, founder of

pudding mobile, once admitted: "


, "closed loops are a concern for all O2O companies.". Whether it is a member of the WeChat two-dimensional code conversion, or Passbook notes or integration, we are now beginning to do the follow-up verification of ultrasonic, NFC – we are trying to verify the closed-loop operation, if not closed, the future in this field is very difficult to achieve precision marketing. It’s no use just having a user scale. You can really value it only if you understand the user’s spending. It’s like Taobao, why is it better to recommend users, and Amazon is the best?. This is really big data, based on user behavior."

this closed loop, in fact, adhering to the "consumer dominated everything" concept. The product is the front line. In certain circumstances, the old and new competition, mainly in new ways and channels of change, achieve success, thus leading the trend of customer training, to compete for customers, in addition, can also be through the cultivation of potential new customers, with the increase in the total social market mode of promoting the industry expansion.

in fact, the more developed the network, the more valuable the O2O model is