Micro business circle to stop friends just a move


every day advertising situation, but also let friends do not pull you black? Some children’s shoes in order to cover up the very heart of the panic, often send some illogical posts, such as what you pull the black me, in a few years I was successful, you should try to come back with me. The obvious thing about this kind of post is the self conceit of neurosis. How do you advertise every day? Your friend won’t pull you black,


      the first method is "one does not do two". Simply positioned himself as the "occupation of micro business" is a sellers. Honestly tell others, your current career is micro business, by selling products to make money. Once you will position itself as a derivative, is not always the same kind of product advertising, no one can endure the same advertisement, see 8 times a day, for a month, how will you pull the black.

, you have to expand your category and sell all kinds of things, because you are not a brand maker, so you don’t need to focus on it. You are the channel, the channel should be diversified, morning selling clothes, sell fruit at noon, afternoon, evening selling skin care products, in this way, your friend will even take the initiative to pay attention to you, because you have something more selective, fresh, and is an artifact for some 100 disease. Is always curious, right?

second ways, engage in subtle points, to create personal brands. For example, you hit the skin care products, you have to continue in the circle of friends to show your professional skills and experience in skin care, in order to obtain the trust of friends, then sellers. As for how to build a personal brand, not here argue, because this topic has been countless WeChat Masters said. In the future, when recruiting 17 core distributors, I will say, "I will only torture myself.".

third methods are purchasing: we first look at purchasing current situation. Because purchasing demand is relatively large, so the current wave of domestic electricity suppliers are speeding up the fight for "sea purchase" this lump of fat.

1, Jingdong opened the "sea outsourcing" channel;

2, Ali launched the "Tmall international" website;

3, SF line "sea purchase abundance shipped";

4, Suning also launched a global purchase.

5, not long ago, vip.com also engaged in the sea Amoy business, category includes clothing and accessories, household goods and cosmetics.

data, according to the Shanghai customs data show that at present there are 24 domestic appliances business in the customs filing is completed, the overseas sales of goods including food, bags, cosmetics, clothing, baby supplies, Home Furnishing. Speaking of this, we must feel that in the circle of friends to do the purchasing fast, can not go on, but in fact is not. Purchasing and small merchant has a different nature, small and micro business is selling a strange brand suddenly jumped out, they guarantee personal brand reputation, product is not good, there will be second transactions, you are not friends. But just buy purchasing channels, as long as you sold is genuine, the price.