From the bicycle racing Mercedes Benz talk about the views of the site

comes home from work today. I ride a bike, the webmaster to do this is considered shabby,


see from me flashed a Benz, chilling, I think this is not the owner of the car owners, even if it is not my webmaster such a webmaster! Maybe we are the owners, but our starting point is different, as I was driving a bicycle, and Robin Li are driving a Mercedes no, depending on what the relationship.

has nothing to do with a lot of webmaster, to me, it’s different, because I learned air-conditioning, and I just looked at the news before, QQ. Only last ditch, I boarded the ship is very simple, make money! Perhaps somebody feels very vulgar, but for me it is important, though I have yet to earn money. For a construction site without any bike, my advantage is diligent, just contact Wangzhuan simply pull off the assembly line, point contact mail, later to travel. It was a liar, of course, just know later, I cheated 10 days of meals, want to be damned so, now I also tired to pull off the assembly line from the understanding of the results! However, the first video, know that you can make money in them, of course, just know! I started looking for a very simple and you can have a website, very occasionally know 5D6D, I set up his first experience as a forum administrator to publicity, there is joy, so a little achievement, not worth mentioning, is not able to earn money, but they know, others go to the forum post, they will email you ID.

is not satisfied with this, know a little more, start looking for a popular gathering forum, so I thought of my alma mater, this forum is pretty good, but a domain name for the record of these, I still didn’t understand! Do PR 2, Baidu included more than 2000 time, also don’t know traffic statistics, included in the query. With these knowledge, I began to build a more perfect forum, of course, is not very good, but relatively speaking, I am the best, at least with a full forum like.

slowly is also a small webmaster, also pretended to start browsing admin5., began to learn that others are out of date, followed by others to fight Baidu. Such a process took a year and a half, I began to know that free will never belong to you! I began to search for free space, I began to look for the source code, I began to build the website, thank each Internet friend, help me learn these! Two days ago bought a space that is someone cheated in a complete mess, but finally get a lesson ah


wrote here, write a mess, but I believe that the efforts will continue Biao speeding bike Benz! Grassroots refueling, as solid as I encourage grassroots. Write a mess, write for the first time, we forgive you,


write the original for the first time, bad also forgive www.521w>