nternet companies are born in innovation died in comfort

to the development of the Internet now during this period, the threshold is getting higher and higher, as long as 10 years ago to come up with a good idea, despite the bold to do a website can be, but not now, now more and more Internet users, Internet users demand on the Internet is more and more, people on the website of the net appreciation level continuously the increase, so the Internet enterprises only continuous innovation to survive.

The reasons for the success of an enterprise

is unable to explain clearly, but if the company after the successful holding of the existing value, these companies is how fragile they are not adapt to changing Internet market. Feel the ancients’s vision is very long term: born in misery, died in peace. This is absolutely eternal truth. Mixed on the Internet is not easy, we need to have a keen eye and deep thinking, consider the development steps in the future, we are required to identify and seize the opportunity, instead of maintaining the existing achievements. Successful companies seize opportunities, innovate, and act decisively.

we often reflect on our creativity and actions. For example, the initial instant messaging system, QQ is relatively early, but Zhang Zhaoyang regret Sohu did not launch its own instant messaging system, otherwise Sohu will now be more powerful. Why Alibaba will succeed? From the early B2B to Taobao C2C and Taobao B2C mall, every step of the development is to adapt to the Internet environment, this series of actions that the Alibaba is not successful. Imagine, if Alibaba did not launch B2C platform, Ali’s B2B and C2C is only part of e-commerce, Alibaba how to make themselves in China’s e-commerce market is to lay the boss’s position,


never met, although we often say that contentment, but each of us is self-motivated, can not lie on your achievements to sleep, just before the achievement of a witness, not what other significance. Only our constant creation of brilliance is the most meaningful thing. Anything on the Internet can happen, as long as the efforts, innovation, just fine.