Analyze the history of several big websites in recent years

in this network is called "me" era, not the traditional understanding of the "I as the center of the times", but "I can change the world’s times.". There are so many things that can be done, without success, or just because they haven’t started yet.

every time I see rags to riches, from scratch, entrepreneurial stories always make my blood boil, especially my predecessors called "after 80". temperature luxury world grassroots entrepreneurs, typical 80, from the title 100 days, read sophomore dropped out and worked in a number of network software company, personal feeling some of the problems in the whole development strategy, but can not deny that his efforts, from the ‘Gunners’ website to oak photography net. But his opponent was poco, hummingbird photography, and so on for tens of millions of dollars. If you can’t do something special, something that is difficult to get beyond imitation is suspended.. (looks like an oak tree. Net users interact well.)

, when it comes to photography sites, I prefer Liu Pingyang’s yupoo,

,, Pang Shengdong, 77 years old. Have to admit his strategic vision and the opportunities of the times. It was a little more to civil servants, with idle on their website, then put in the online advertising, flow is money! And that the advertising company is trustworthy, this website made 1W more advertising for his knife… Then take the 2000 at the beginning of the domestic securities industry thriving and securities website but few (like now MACD unreal shares a grasp of a lot of ideal sea breeze and so on), built a stock forum, a day at the time 5000ip a lot, there are other, cattle, O. Then start selling ads, using the user groups accumulated before the website, mail ads, and then on ip1w, pv6w.. The operation is too Niubi, no wonder the red shirts, Jiqianwanjiqianwan hit Heiner venture. In 2001, ~2004, he made millions of money on the site.

then, the stock market is down and the property market is coming. He bought the house in 2001, 2001, I was still in junior high school students! And then began to play CS, online games. Alas, this man, very cow


98W bought domain name, line less than half a year to get the first phase of the red shirt 400W investment. Have to say a detail — the fifth China venture capital annual forum, Xinghua Pang Shengdong and his chief operating officer Wang came early to the venue, the first thing they do is to put a simple plan (9 pages) on the front row of the VC table, and one morning only their family do this business… Zhu Mingyue. Have good ideas and do your best. But not everyone can do it. Maybe some people work very hard, but they are still a little bit different…

he quit before he started his full-time job