Electronic membership card product observation Tencent micro life background


[core tips] WeChat hopes to cut into the O2O field of life micro membership card in the end what kind of it? How much value can it bring for businesses


editor’s note: Tencent officially released its micro life membership card X1 version in late September, becoming the main rival of the public comment network electronic membership card. This series of articles will detail and contrast Tencent micro life membership card and public comment merchant center end products.

micro life is Tencent’s provider of life focused e-commerce and O2O solutions. The latest micro life membership card, mainly for the catering industry to customize, the future will be mall, cinema and entertainment KTV, and gradually launched the corresponding customization function. At present, the main functions of micro life for mobile CRM, WeChat custom menu, mobile customer service, WeChat payment and mobile QQ coupons.

home page


login into Tencent micro life background, first of all there will be about member marketing status of the basic data and charts, such as turnover, customer price, etc..



member module can manually add membership information from WeChat, which is divided into individual members and members of two groups.



WeChat membership privileges gift coupons, coupon usage will be presented in the transaction module, easy for merchants to query.

pre stored


through WeChat’s payment function, the user can deposit a certain amount of money to an account of a merchant or store, the module can grasp the trend of the existing funds, and create incentive rules to pre store.








module is used for setting marketing activities to attract members to store consumer, common vouchers, gift certificates, etc. are included in the integral. What I am most concerned about here is the chart analysis of the effect of the activities, which can facilitate the merchants to have a relatively intuitive observation of the marketing effect, so as to make corresponding adjustments in the next marketing activities.