Host deception tactics Hot Blog recommended floating gate

" hit the Internet; recommend a " phenomenon; and deceived, so to write this article about this phenomenon.

saw each industry IT bloggers recommended Hu Beige Ge Gegehost host, the first purchase of 100 yuan a year in the United States Site5 with the host SSH, through the Taobao purchase. (rather than recommending it as a hidden AD), later a refund is required because the host is too slow (PING values sometimes jump to about 1000MS). After Taobao apply for a refund, and Hu asked to confirm the refund with beige Ge, QQ, Wangwang news issued, immediately pull into the blacklist, join the QQ group also kicked out, on his website hosting business has been deleted, but the other is not willing to help me confirm the refund, only waiting for Taobao 15 days automatic timing reached a refund agreement, I said how your occupation quality is so poor, but in your own website and other websites that she is done by word-of-mouth. I am glad that through the purchase of Taobao, and have not yet confirmed receipt, or long ago " money two empty, ".

this person information:

[email protected] (504107500)




blog for Hu Beige Ge gegehost ads, these people are not eating the sweetness is not itself Beige Ge Hu to experience — applauded, even if has experience is not objective, because their relationship with gegehost well, of course not to the ordinary user’s point of view to actually experience the host or host. The end face is ordinary webmaster.

niche software Sivan:


Showfom ( knows the person’s blog through the picture plug-in Add HighSlide, and he makes a bit of change to the original plug-in.



in advertising, (later because Hu Beige Ge shameless, wrote Jason NG, but no echo)


to sum up:

1. look for a host, it’s best not to find some of the hosts that you recommend, even if you like blogs. They’re purely advertising that interests or relationships.

2. also do not look for a private to buy a host, no matter how good the program, not petty profit, if you want to do the site, spend a little more money to find some strength and credibility of the company to buy.