Experience of early 80 webmaster site

I was born in 88 years of a small webmaster, married last year, only to contact the site began to lag behind in life, although contact the site of the time is not long, but the bitterness can be understood.

has been in the last year, then after several friends from UU1001 for an account and get a free forum space to start their own website for the first time, the first station is complex, the excited mood, feel what is new, so go when the hot QQ resources began to develop then give up halfway.

about 1 and a half months, no longer touch station related things, until one day, a good brother run, want to build a novel station, again into the outdated life. This is the first time to have their own space, is no longer in the UU hundred of the restrictions on the platform, the station, the mood more naturally excited, but also more confused.

first bought a 6G double space, then what also do not understand, think 6G is very large on the web site for the program, also chose the current mainstream Jackie, found that after a week, the original 6G station in the novel what has not, even if not only can generate HTML this book about almost 800, and then return the space, buy a bigger.

and many new webmaster friends, it is very naive to think of now, at the time that the site will be able to build a day into the 1800, full of excitement. In real contact with later understand: the original site is not dry (the later days and the webmaster exchange you like). Because it is the first station, what all don’t understand what all want to get a little light, is the site procedures to get at least about 2 weeks before squeaked and began to endless acquisition (don’t despise me, who do not collect novel station built? Do you want to say that I have money starting point?), is easy to gather for a week before the official start promotion, promotion is relatively depressed people, Baidu, QQ, Taobao on the infinite mass, does not stop the virus is said to be the helpless is really as can be imagined.

so, when like a headless flies almost through the head, only to find Admin5, if you know it, you will probably take a lot less detours, to tell the truth, I didn’t register Admin5 until today, before has been acting as a spectator role.

like Adsense this profession, previously heard a senior said, is the most not to understand, especially family, so far, my wife is not very agree with me site. Especially in the face of my daughter, I feel guilty, daughter was born to now, I rarely go to embrace her. Because of this, in the backward world, I’m almost out of touch with real life. Of course, I do not regret it, although I did not make any money, but in this world, but when you built a small station for the first time by people praise, that feeling is self-evident. It sounds like too much talk. Well, it’s almost over.