f your idea is too good don’t do it

from the first personal website count, has been engaged in the site for ten years. For the website is also quite impressive, borrow Einstein’s sentence: if the original idea is not absurd, then they are wrong.

last year began to engage in a secret site, the beginning is also good, because China is still in the first, some have been reported in the media, but also because of the first reason, there is a major problem in the model, quickly copied the winner, perhaps this is the so-called first to eat the crab people always poisoned causes. But fortunately, more than a year later, he is still holding on, the site is gradually improving.

tell me a little about yourself:

I think the first is the positioning of the website, what things, positioning are fundamental, positioning is the direction, is a lamp, if the site does not have a very clear positioning, so it is risky as pure. Finally, only to a garbage station, I have also done a similar site, the idea is very magnificent, want to make the Sohu, Sina, recently what to do, of course, the benefits of doing so is to quickly bring traffic, but there are things in the past, so I believe a lot of garbage station the webmaster is feeling very tired, almost no time to rest, every day is boring to see new things on the Internet, see the fun looking to earn their own website, experienced a little better.

of course, this type of station is less and less, a few years ago. So I think the first position is the fundamental of a website, but the location is not empty, to ensure that the positioning of what kind of problem is what people, what is the solution of this model process model? I know, there is no experience or you can learn something, or have actually done long ago I have no relevant resources? This? Must first ask yourself these things before doing a website.

has a location, followed by the implementation of, I think of the implementation of two aspects, one is product execution, and the other is the promotion of the implementation.

in front of me to solve the problem of mode what? This problem will be related to your product model, product model for the network, no more than three, providing content, providing online services, to provide software technical service platform. On the whole, these three, of course, the details may have mutual penetration and so on. To provide the contents of the products, then you need to do more on the user experience, consider the details, to provide online services to consider more is the combination of compact and non compact line service first, and the superiority of the technology platform of the service function of the software product is the product you can. Direct users of your convenience.

product development is not immutable and frozen, such as a secret for the first time I just took him as a secret sharing platform, and later added a lot of new functional details, shortly before the on-line secret box.