How can you continue to force the tourism website eyeball

in the just past may day, due to the warmer weather, so that the number of tourists all over the spring break, golden week and Qingming small holiday, which means that the arrival of the tourist season in May. In this sunny day, not like the spring, spring, did not imagine the summer scorching heat, is together with family and friends to travel, swim season of flowers. And the travel website of all places at this time should seize the opportunity that this tourist goes out, take an active part in finding tourist source, this ability is aimed at below this kind of travel situation this year, develop to the purpose of profit. Today, let’s talk about how tourism websites should act in May when the tourist season is on the way.

, first of all, as a local tourism website, the most important thing is to have a clear goal, the tourism website only set a clear goal, to make a difference. Travel website should make clear the website that does a spot or a website that includes all attractions, if it is former, so the title of its website and keyword should use this travel place. If it is the latter, then the title of the tourist website should be the location of the tour plus the travel information network. If you want to develop your own travel website and attract the attention of tourists, you must master some marketing methods and techniques.

as a local tourism website, first of all to show what the local tourist attractions and characteristics of what. The tour site can be directly named after the local tourist site name, so that it can attract more tourists’ attention. Visitors can enter their own tourist attractions according to their own needs, and then click on the content inside, so that more convenient for consumers to provide services to increase the popularity of the site. In addition, this approach can also make tourism sites maintain a certain integrity. Visitors to your website, see the site navigation column, you will be able to know at a glance the site of the tourist attractions and the dynamic information of these attractions. This is very beneficial to the conversion rate of the website. In addition to the website, column content, we can also gradually introduce the advantages and disadvantages of these tourist attractions and remind visitors of the contents of the tourist attractions from the landscape pictures, ticket prices, scenic features. Tourism website design style must be fresh, not too complicated, avoid visitors can not find the North feeling. Only in this way can you catch the eye of the tourist from the beginning.

secondly, as a tourist website, it is necessary to have a domain name suitable for its website. A good name and a domain name in accordance with the tourist attractions can attract tourists. These domain names not only play the role of advertising for themselves, but also build their own brands of powerful weapons. After making the content and pictures of the website, we can contact the local media and advertisers to promote our travel website. You can hang advertisements at bus stops, billboards and some intersections, and invest a certain amount of money in the TV station as advertising expenses. So finding the dealer is the key, reaching a good agreement with them and building a long-term relationship. The cost of these ads should be calculated according to the number of people in their own cities