How does the county supply and demand information website resist the impact of DM advertising

DM advertising is omitted as everyone knows, English Direct Mail advertising expression, literally translated as "direct mail advertising", namely by mail, gifts and other forms of publicity materials will be sent to the hands of consumers, home or company. Admittedly, there are several advantages to DM advertising:

1.DM is different from other traditional advertising media, it can select target objects, have a definite object in view, and reduce waste.

2.DM is the direct selection of the object of direct implementation of advertising, advertising recipients tend to produce other traditional media can not be compared to the sense of superiority, so that more independent attention to its products.

3., one to one direct transmission, can reduce the information transfer process of objective evaporation, so that the advertising effect to maximize.

now the famous DM DM media advertising company A new force suddenly rises., space news, media, news, Jiuding Tianjiao Ho advertising. With the most prominent time and space newsletter, it has joined ten companies throughout the country. DM advertising company is to supply information website of the impact of the traditional oppression of momentum unprecedented. Especially, it has a great impact on local information. The main reason is that the current popularity of most county-level cities is not high, or that the Internet has not become the main channel for ordinary people to obtain supply and demand information. Its main channels are television, newspapers and DM advertising and other visual and efficient traditional media. Take the county where the author is now, for example, there are already 5 local DM advertising bombing, which is full of DM advertisements. I carefully observed, these DM ads to weekly publication, after many investigations, estimation of the layout of advertisement utilization rate is about 70%, which is published in tabloid 70% advertising by the merchant payment, the remaining 30% is filled up to full version. Advertising positions in general, one page, more than 500 yuan. As for its profitability, the author has not made a thorough investigation. The above simple analysis of the current basic situation of DM advertising, you are not difficult to see its local classification of information sites impact on it. This means that the original operation of the difficulties of local information station owners are facing a mountain. Local owners want to get a slice of the advertising costs. It is not that small webmaster fight it, No. The following is entered, with thousands on thousands of fighting in the front line of the local small owners to share how to change strategy, blaze a new trail to resolve DM advertising impact.

I operated the small station "Hepu 360" station operation, 2 months since smooth progress, traffic continued to rise steadily. Baidu, GG included in the good, many keywords remain in the search results home page. So, Hepu 360 is how to defuse the impact of DM advertising it?. To sum up, there are several main strategies:

one, meet the challenge, take the initiative,

the early days of the establishment, the whole county has only one or two DM advertising companies operating, and then there are other companies