Chibi hotline Zheng Shaofang 4 keys to good local communities

recently, by Kang Sheng company (Comsenz), Chinese club owners and Tencent big Chu, 265G jointly launched the "Discuz! Tour WuHan Railway Station activities" 10th anniversary National Open and Hubei stationmaster Congress fifth in Wuhan University teaching building hall was held successfully. More than 500 Hubei owners from Wuhan, Jingzhou, Jingmen and Yichang gathered at the meeting and showed considerable activity in the interactive sessions at the scene. It is worth mentioning that the meeting also invited many local Hubei more important place in the webmaster, roundtable discussions in the afternoon on the "local community website operation and pregnant full of experience sharing", Chibi hotline webmaster Zheng on speech views clear, concise and incisive, and have strong operability. The presence of stationmaster must win. The author intends to will have some value and important point out, for more stationmaster, discuss and study.

experience a: pay attention to people’s livelihood, and do a good job of public opinion guidance, and strive for the support of the relevant government departments.

Zheng Shaofang: we are from the second half of last year to do the work on public opinion, this forum was "turn the world upside down" changes: the daily post volume increased from 3000 to the current more than 6000, PV rose from 120 thousand to 180 thousand, the site’s social influence has been greatly enhanced.

I think there are two important factors that play a key role. Because we have local newspapers, local TV too few people, there is little media, our website should be the largest local media platform, basically everything is through our website to pay attention to the common people, this is a feature of our local. Another point, I would like to stress, is that our local government attaches great importance to network opinion, in fact, only on our own, it is difficult to do a good job of people’s livelihood, but the pressure will be very large. So, what we are feeling more deeply is that local communities need to work closely with the government to get their support.

specific to the operational level, here I share a case of ours. For example on the bus rejection, users will organize a post, our editor will do a practical survey a public opinion feedback to the superior departments and competent leadership, through public opinion feedback sent to the relevant departments, the relevant departments or responsibility will need to come forward to reply to solve, so earnest effort to help users solve the problem, see the Department then pay attention to network public opinion, the ordinary people more love on our website.

experience two: to adhere to do more offline activities, and enhance online and offline interaction users.

Zheng Shaofang: since its establishment, we have always attached great importance to the development of offline activities. In 2007, we established the first characteristic club, ancient road bike club, which gradually opened more than 10 special clubs, and the offline activities were very frequent, so the popularity of the websites increased greatly.