Talking about search engine inclusion problem pop up dialog box influence ranking

has recently been busy to my new sites included and ranking, I made a simple online Car Buying platform name is on the car you see sometimes share experiences, but I did not write the template I don’t program.

April 24, 2009 online: 5 o’clock more than 2 points to 8 points on time online site, in May 6, 2009 was Google included 1 pages, May 21, 2009 was Baidu included 11 pages.

, I’ll talk about Baidu and googel,

many webmaster are anxious to wait for Baidu and googel included, real straight don’t have to be so urgent, you think about search engine cited your station is sooner or later, as long as you are not his opponent, I don’t believe he won’t be included.

I just completed my first

station when I first plan, the title, description, keywords, website structure and website related channel (must be in your content and relative company, not to flow, and disorderly open channel) to start upload what content to the site must have detailed strategy. You’d better not change your website.

title is generally 3 to 4 words, not too much, the shorter the less the better, too much is to stammer a fat, I think you also have not seen a day to eat fat people ha ha ha. At the same time, you also need to check through the keyword index, at the same time, according to the nature of the site, content combination.

keyword, describes the keyword is best to 3 to 5, the main content of the keyword, description can be longer, no problem, do not exceed the length of Baidu, goole limit. Keyword, describe the title should be combined to use, the title and keywords and description, optimize the main keywords, and describe and content (title) optimize the long tail keywords. New sites do not over optimize, but also affect the included. My station has optimized densities of 3% and 7%

second step is on the major forums (Adsense station more famous flow), and classification information to send advertising and in the blog above to write a post. Because new haven’t included, no PR is can’t change links. Either you and many webmaster are good friends, some are reluctant to, because the face is now Baidu management strict, I also influence others, so or from their own posts, and write blog flow and search included. Propaganda the more the better, will not affect the included, so Adsense to more publicity, at the same time no matter included included, but also to more publicity, included the station also want publicity, sooner or later want to publicity, and now publicity is the same.


tri band website content, the content of the railway station don’t add too much ah, the best day to add 1 to 10, the best is original and pseudo original. My website has never been original, just changed the title. But my product information is also original, so my station included time is longer,

summary: googel is usually 1 to 10 days old