Positioning and development of Yangzhou Forum

according to statistics, China now has more than 300 million Internet users. What’s the concept? This figure is only a fraction of 1 billion 300 million, but it means a ratio of nearly 1/4. About more than 4 million 600 thousand people in Yangzhou, 1/4, is close to 1 million Internet users. If Yangzhou were higher than the national average, it could still be more. It’s only local. What about foreign users? With Yangzhou, they have all kinds of origins or hope to know more about Yangzhou’s Internet users through the Internet. They can not count. How many members are registered in the forum now? 800 people (as of December 20, 2009), and this is not a proud number except for malicious registration and repeated registration.

(1) about forum name and domain name

1, forum name: Yangzhou forum

2, forum slogan: to create a famous city culture model, leading Yang city quality life


explained: www.mcyz001.com domain

domain name easy to remember!

(two) about forum positioning

aim: to create a cultural model of Yang City, leading Yang city quality life

1, negation of the original position

throughout the Internet, most popular forums tend to focus on leisure. Such as Tianya, NetEase BBS, mop and so on. Taking leisure is the only way for a website (community) to grow. Because friends online (or to the community) itself is leisure. Qiandao Lake forum is currently set up most of the plate is a kind of entertainment, such as: the quest for world, and so on. Leisure plates bloom everywhere in Yangzhou forum. However, after many considerations by the administrator, combined with the people’s feelings in Yangzhou, the following conclusions are drawn: the city of Yangzhou forum is different from other places. The people of the city have leisure conditions and traditions, such as Xiamen, like Hefei. Yangzhou, unlike Yangzhou, is a city with leisure conditions and atmosphere, although short-sighted leaders are deliberately cultivating a relaxed lifestyle. On the contrary, Yangzhou is more sedate, heavy, and even depressed, and some sad. Therefore, the overall positioning of the city of Yangzhou forum and Yangzhou’s history and culture, and Yangzhou people’s temperament, lifestyle some dislocation. The Yangzhou Forum (mcyz001.com) needs to change its original position and change is imminent.

2, the new location of the famous city of Yangzhou forum

Yangzhou, as a tourist city, seems very casual. But we have to polish our eyes and come to Yangzhou. The basic of leisure is not our Yangzhou natives. Our forum is not the main object for them to serve. The local people’s congresses in Yangzhou are on the road to well-off society. If we want to develop the forum, we should start from the root. We should carefully study the characteristics of Yangzhou, the history and culture of Yangzhou, and the temperament and life style of Yangzhou people. On this basis, to determine the positioning and direction of the forum, so that the road can become wider and wider.

The real development of

does not depend on the street station