Random TAG old Zhao CMS very welcome by Baidu

a lot of people do experience in the station, the use of dedecms is particularly easy to be included in Baidu, why? In fact, you look at it under the tag.php will know.

, this page has a random tag display of the column. Each column of this column displays a different tag text link.


for Baidu, think your website has been updated, it is very happy, often to visit this page, so you ZhengZhan soon able to crawl over content.

so many people who do SEO, dedecms is used to do the station. Because I have done a lot of trade in the webmaster circle, met many webmaster, who will SEO the site, to see that this is a dream.

I didn’t feel anything about it before, and I suddenly noticed this. It was a revelation from Baidu recently.

you can go to site, I have a more than 10000 data acquisition station, site:www.youpool.cn, it was originally Baidu included more than one thousand articles, but I this station has not been updated. Nearly a month, I am going to get it, all of a sudden a lot of the exchange Links, then exchange Links, found the website update speed, but also included reduced, now the rest of the page, all is tag. I wonder, how Baidu deleted my other pages, but leave it behind? I opened it and http://s.youpool.cn/tag.php looked at it and found out that there was a random tag, and every time you refresh it, it automatically displays some different tag! That’s a good thing!

but now there are so many CMS on the market, it seems that this random tag function is not many, this function is very code, it should be very simple, really recommend other CMS in this point to dedecms learning!

dedecms using friends pay attention to Oh, this tag is very friendly to the search engine, we increase the time, don’t forget to add some tag oh!

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