More than two months PR from 0 to 4 Secrets

in July 26th, we are concerned about a problem, PR update, I checked my station ask check nets integrated search, PR found a is 0, a is 4, the afternoon to completely become 4, I can not believe myself, my website domain name ( is registered in April 30th this year that site is May 10th on the line, but also not the original people registered with the meter, the short two months PR rose from 0 to 4, I do stand not for a long time, now the possible reasons are as follows, please a lot of senior expert advice: < / p>

1. site name is very important, it is best to think of a relatively cold word, and then match your keywords. For example, my website is called search, search, integrated search, integrated search, so many people may have done this keyword, but asked the search network just started in Baidu and GOOGLe, which is not related to the web pages. In today’s search engines like the original, I think the title of the original is also more important.

2. reasonable web layout, proper inside chain and high quality of the outer chain. You can see my website, did not do links, because for my new station, links are not easy to find. Coupled with the current link is not careful, may be due to each other’s Web site and was K. But absolutely no, the chain is not good. So I think if you have your relationship circle in the early stage, you can find someone to help you do a few links. Not at all. You can go to and buy some high quality links.

The originality of

3. content and the value of the website. Personally feel that even if the garbage station is good, first of all, I hope we do not treat it as a garbage dump, anyway, we are all hard to do. We have to let the website have some value, some of which make the users like it. Such natural will help you propaganda, take my website, from the road to see, found some come from the Sina blog, Baidu space IP, indicating that some users think your site is good, so it. And these users are generally active users, than you register a blog, put your link, and then never go to, the effect is much better. For example, I have a word search function on the site, the technical implementation is very simple, but it is more practical, the original online such tools are relatively small, so many people on the collection. So instead of spending a lot of time doing optimization or making links, take some time to provide better service for your users.

I think of these three points, you can go to to see my PR and domain name registration time. Comments are welcome.