The implementation process of viral marketing serial one

, viral marketing is the core of the "virus" manufacturing. No matter what form the virus eventually performs, it must have a basic infection gene. "Viruses" must be unique, convenient, fast, and must be "cool", and allow the audience to accept voluntarily and feel the benefits are not shallow. "Viral marketing" must be "permissive" rather than "compulsive", so that the audience can voluntarily accept and voluntarily spread.

1, manufacturing viruses,

first look at Gmail, it has the Google brand as a support, and as the world’s first 1G free mailbox, its "cool" has formed. Then, the mysterious invitation model is enough to satisfy the user’s appetite. On the surface, not a large-scale Gmail users open face, instead of using a limited invitation, but this is the state of the banzhebanyan get users like a flock of ducks all to get an invitation, thus successfully registered for joy, more will be limited to invite a baby permission to send out to the table and. The whole process was a game of brilliant fun. Even more expensive auctions on eBay, and for a while, Gmail evolved into a hot underground trading commodity.

may be a coincidence, and perhaps it is part of the marketing strategy, and the privacy infringement case has contributed to the Gmail campaign. Google to the 1G mailbox put keyword advertising, robot scanning mail content, it is in violation of user privacy on the court, sensation, not you don’t know Gmail a great reputation.

The Gmail in the

test is a bit unstable, but it’s actively developing more services. Gmail do this stage, even if they don’t do any marketing activities, what wind sways grass has its own media, and Internet users to "report".

2, selection method, also has a way of using e-books. If it is an ordinary email, users are often deleted after reading, and may even be considered spam at the very beginning. Relatively speaking, the circulation and storage time of e-books can be more lasting, so the marketing effect is more obvious.

3, identify the "low immunity" crowd

has to find a vulnerable group of "low immunity" people who spread pathogens everywhere. Tencent in doing QQ promotion, it is very focused on the "low immunity" crowd search and lock. The average age of their users is about 20.6 years old. This is part of the fashion and a keen awareness of the new flu. This part is absolutely "low immunity" crowd, they have no resistance to QQ virus, can quickly accept and actively spread.

4, virus activation program

in order to prevent the "virus" in the flow of Self Hypnosis