Site operations from 6000 to 36000


, I wrote an article on "traffic breakthrough method", and some readers say that screenshots have false, then today I will give the author of a few months of operation of the full month traffic map. Of course, today’s content is not about these, but on the operation of a web site. First confirmed that the author’s flow is orthodox, not false:


The reason why

started in June 9th is because I was hired at this time to take over the operation of this website. This is a start-up company, perhaps the bosses have figured out the four problems: 1. cake is? 2.. What are the external opportunities available to eat cake? 3. each cake number can be transformed into water? 4. inner level, you can provide what customers? But I still have need to put it inside the second points and fourth points as the key object to study a. The second point is to analyze the competitors clearly. The fourth point is to provide users with what value, target positioning and user experience above.

‘s analysis of competitors requires a good job: 1., what are their strengths?. 2., their inadequacies. 3., we need to improve where. 4., where do we start as a breakthrough point?. The first is to let our website start out of competition where they are in advantage, simply to avoid it. And the 234 point is that we need to site for the user experience and subdivision to the ultimate pursuit, and then identify each other vulnerable places to promote operations. Because a lot of times, a large website in the details above often fear, or they disdain, this is where we climb up the line.

the author is not a good optimization personnel, but for the specific steps of the website operation can still share a few points, as for doubt or believe that depends on readers, friends themselves. The following simple to say a few key promotional content:

one, catch the 28 law,


understands the 28 law, few people use it well in operations. The 28 law here mainly refers to the long tail keywords of the website. This starting point is because, first of all, the long tail of competition is generally content pages, competition is small, and the chain is often inadequate, often rely on the weight of the site’s home page pass. Therefore, the primary task of promotion is to optimize and popularize the weakness of others and the small competition.

two, investment news source and station

In fact, a lot of

station is to provide soft release or service submission. Like webmaster network is Baidu news source, they have to provide soft Wen contribution, here is our website promotion is an important place. Or, like Sina and NetEase, who need to pay for their articles, here we need to write our own articles and pay for contributions (which is a small investment).

three, enough content and provide more spider entrance