Personal operating experience talk about corporate website reputation earlier than profit point is

understand the Internet, understand the "NetEase, Sina, Baidu, the 360 security guards, A5 nets, QQ, pipi, Netcom, push real Tao in music", why suddenly mentioned so many sites, see the following details.

The first line of the

, a list of the website information, most of these sites are all belong to the category of commercial websites, why to them as commercial websites, the website operators can through the website itself profit, also can through these sites and their existing original awareness in addition, investment or cooperation.

commercial websites need to pay attention to some problems in the early, many people only pay attention to website profit pattern, website a year can bring me much profit space, the site within a year can bring the number of registered members, in their minds is to make a profit in the first place.

can be used in a real case of me as you feedback, our position is the Tao Le real estate website this website was out of the ordinary, we believe the time is also for revenue and profit, but we think that the reputation of more importance in the early time, because the site just built, profit is very little, unless you have extensive contacts or have sufficient funds to prepare, so that the input and output can occur in a certain proportion. To achieve profitable results, we should first know how to operate the website. Only a good operation of the site will be truly profitable.

remember, 2009, my partner and I ready to run a SEO industry forum, our position is the site to build into the SEO industry as one of the most well-known guide website, we also go in this direction, but walked halfway to find a lost in the operation of the site, a half years and why has no profit? We don’t want to go through this forum to bring the number of advertising revenue, our profit model is SEO training, SEO intermediary, a bit like SEOWHY mode. Lost, it will ultimately decide the site said of an aged person, revision, until now this forum has not really developed, eventually because of profit fell out, therefore, left the SEO forum, I start again, creating the now Pipi push.

leather push from positioning to the current development, first of all, the model is a little imitation, 28 push or push a, first of all, from the domain name point of view, are Tui, that is, the network push hands. But there are many differences in form. Mou Changqing is the forum, and so is jiang. Normally, I also chat with two masters on Q. However, since I met Lu Songsong, I think his blog model is worth learning, and his blog was not profitable in the early days.

see me from Lu Songsong’s blog is a blog can operate to now, do not say how much traffic to the site, Lu Songsong’s reputation in the industry has no less than ZAC or Cardiff, there is absolutely Bipipi push Chen Xiaohuan >