Secret Ningbo ntranet Crazy used car broker


author Su Ziteng

first heard "Ningbo network" is more than half a year ago, in a second-hand car industry WeChat group, do not know how to talk to some of the unique Ningbo second-hand car industry, few people talk about hot, because the author before the Ningbo industry does not understand, so, only silently watching. A few days ago, because of a business trip to Hangzhou, I also took a trip to Ningbo by the way. In Ningbo, a car and a founder of Zhang Jie, Deputy Secretary General of the Ningbo second-hand car brokers association under the leadership of Ye Qineng, visited more than half of the second-hand car market, and individual brokers, is on the Ningbo second-hand car industry picture, have a more complete understanding of. Traditional second-hand car industry to use the Internet to do such as Ningbo "extreme", it is a case and typical, this article to do analysis and share, and hope to all over the country and second-hand car counterparts to learn and learn from.

‘s first net Ningbo used car dealer

2003, China’s Internet has just entered the era of broadband, this year is also just the first year I entered the Internet industry. At that time, many traditional industries have not yet touched the net, most Internet users only stay in the application of browsing information, play online games, chat rooms, chat, QQ and so on. Chinese second-hand car industry at the time, is in a typical Jianqian era, the second-hand car dealer does not have any awareness of the network, as long as the hand car source, will make money, the market supply shortage, what almost no market price, sold thirty percent, forty profit is very common. While in Ningbo, there are some second-hand car dealers set up a QQ group, through QQ group and peer to customers, mutual exchange of needed products, quickly find the corresponding source by peers, to achieve their maximum conversion of customer resources. To my years of second-hand car experience, this is probably the first Chinese car industry’s first net touch.

"magic" "Ningbo Intranet" was born

‘s fragmented and nonstandard features of the used car have resulted in very limited vehicle sources in each car dealer and are unlikely to meet the needs of all customers. Therefore, the Ningbo used car dealer QQ group’s use, just can realize the share of resources with peers, instant messaging needs. But the QQ group has great limitations, only the immediate exchange of information, can not always have more data, for the establishment of a can let Ningbo second-hand car sharing car peer source database, July 2004, Ningbo network was born.

Ningbo intranet established time, almost and the current several of the largest second-hand car sites belong to the same period. The so-called intranet, is the only local second-hand car dealers to provide car source data sharing services of the internal web site. Not for external or C end customers. At first, the threshold was very low, as long as the local second-hand car dealers, providing business licenses and other information, each account to pay hundreds of dollars a year of service charges, the Ningbo network has been developed so far