Website operation is not because of excessive persistent original content and lost direction

With the continuous change of the

search engine algorithm, especially after the introduction of Scindapsus pomegranate algorithm, we find that the importance of enhancing the user experience to a hitherto unknown level, more and more sites to the user experience, to give up the original acquisition of plagiarism, and start from the good, write their own original content.

this is a good trend, but things, we can also see many webmaster over attached to the so-called original content, original content that is all, resulting in site development was blocked.


defines the user experience, we can see that Baidu is from the aspects of its definition, and not as long as the original content accumulation can determine the user experience, improve the original just a branch of user experience. Of course we can find now have a good ranking site there are a lot of high quality original content, but this part of a successful website certainly not only original content that a factor, they rely on more aspects of web collaborative development.

to your site has a good and stable rankings, simply rely on the original content is not enough, excessive attached to the original content will only make us to SEO and SEO, instead of the real optimization, because we should not only optimize the original, we have correlation of the original, we also have a high quality of the user experience, we have to search engine crawling environment.

original content must be relevant, the original content of the horse is not worth the

has the original content of the site is a place in the competition weapon, but if the original content is irrelevant, and not related to our site content, that is a burden. For example, our site is a weight loss class site, but you are constantly in the machine related topics on the original content. So when the user comes to your site to look at the weight class information, see the article is some mechanical unrelated but, then I think the vast majority of users, this is a kind of deception, they will not hesitate to close your site, which are not related to the original site is cumbersome, visitors a high bounce rate and poor user experience degrees rankings will directly affect the site. In this regard, we can see that the original content is important, but not related to the original, not only no effect, but also counterproductive.

do a good job site visitor service, driving the user experience enhancement

to operate a good site, the subject of the problem is in all aspects, we need to pay attention to the overall design of the site, function, guidance, pictures and so on. Visitors to our site do not simply look at the original content, in addition to the original quality of the content, they want to be able to get a high quality reading environment. It’s like we’re reading a book in a library, and we’re going to throw it away in a cluttered and noisy environment. At the same time, visitors might want to be even more