Five AdSense tools to increase webmaster revenue

: according to the translation. I spent a lot of time, not translated into what is difficult, but no time and no energy, introduces five AdSense tools, may like me to have the chance of small website is not great, but if your site has a certain flow and scale. But advertising revenue has been unsatisfactory, the following tools and advice is worth to reference.

straight to the point, the intention of this article is to introduce a few best tools can help you master the Goolge Adsense. However, I started with my personal preference and ranked the tools in line with their actual usage (because it wasn’t so easy – it depends on how you used it).

first bit

, AdWords, Bidding, Tool/Traffic, Estimator

this is probably the most useful tool. The only drawback is that you have to have an AdWords account to get the information. I’d recommend getting a AdWords account anyway, so that you can get to know the publisher and the options they’re setting up for the ad.


Bidding Tool tool is used to master the highest paid keywords in AdSense advertising. It’s possible that some of the top, most paid AdSense keywords listed on websites or blogs are using AdWords or Overture information. As the owner of a website / blog, it’s important to know the key words you should emphasize in your content.

and Traffic Estimator estimates the average CPC for a set of keywords based on the payment statistics of the current publisher. After learning that my keyword CPC could reach an average of $3 to $8, I was confident that I would earn the money. Although these CPC are only average, and I’m sure Google will show them only on well performing websites, it will at least give me the number I can expect after a certain traffic base.

second bit

, an ad for $0.01 a click, shows in your web page that it’s absolutely unhelpful for your earnings. Here is a method which can be low-cost advertising and is completely excluded, without violating the Google rules of Adsense, that is the use of competitive advertising filters, these low-cost sites excluded, do not let their ads displayed in the advertisement in your group. Although competitive ad filters primarily exclude ads from rival websites, there is no rule that you can’t rule out ads that you don’t like, because you need to rule out what advertising sites are publishing