GG ads click on reading books for beginners

GG, the most important thing is not to greed, this is the most important. Referring to cheating.

like our Google cheating, generally receive the success rate of money is about 60-70%, many people say that one cheating is easy to K, this is they do not know, even cheating is also necessary to pay attention to many places.

Google is English advertising and advertising Chinese, see, what, we are generally the first to use a Chinese station to apply for a, and then do a few pages are usually 10 pages, just put some bags containing English keyword articles. In this way, GG will show English advertisements. The price of English advertisements is relatively high. I used to have a record of clicking three dollars.

a lot of people on the Internet to see a click tens of dollars keywords, such as cancer and the like, I told you, do not use this keyword, go to some unit price, not too high, general, one click 0. About 5 dollars will be OK, it will be a lot safer.

because we are cheating, so to control the display and click rate, you can not be an advertising display only ten times, but four or five times, one is a problem, some people say that the click rate below 1% is better, I feel safe in 0. 2% below, I was kept at 0. 17%.

are some of the English high advertising, general domestic users no one will go to the point? How to do, some people called the group "or QQ friends to the point, I feel so bad, because GG will record each click the IP, COOKIES, ordinary users not to remove COOKIES, and browser record, and not the end point of advertising for IP. It’s dangerous.

the best way is to organize a dozen similar, are doing GG, in turn, a clear time COOKIES and browsing records, the end point of a dozen advertisement for a IP, so the security is relatively high, and we are doing GG, remember to clear browsing history.

landing in the background, the background is GG all advertisers most NB, a lot of things, will record your computer including IP, COOKIES, or MAC address will be recorded! So when you point the IP end point of advertising do not change IP into the background, after the Qing finished browsing again.

The most important thing about

is that you don’t have to click your own ads and use your software to click on your ads. These two things are the premise of your money.

Google said to K rules who can’t do Google, my first Google is their own advertising, to $fifty for K, then apply an advertisement, be careful to do, it received hundreds of dollars. Went on again.

clicks are very elegant. I’ll tell you how to click.