Making money = vanity nterest lust nature or value

Adsense site to make money, in fact, very simple, casually do a garbage station, hang GG advertising can also maintain basic life, but garbage is always garbage, can not become what climate. But most of us really stationmaster is usually aloof, always want to do a little, a little bigger, more ideal point, this often wasted effort, annual income is zero, it is normal.

make a fortune teller every day to pick up a single website, you can get a monthly salary, a lottery prediction network, you can get a short-term lucrative, color naked chat network, you can earn a month a year of money, a casino, you can easily earn a the car…… as long as it is illegal, and is very close to the human desire, usually make money will soon… And no we wanted the webmaster. Do these stations, Adsense every day to see how much money earned, rather than every day to see how much traffic in the system today, ha ha, this is a big difference.

vanity + Interest + lust related sites, flow control less difficult, ask what, the webmaster when the sky is not looking for a few pieces or ethical slice to pass the time,


these things are simple things, just unethical things to do. The answer must be: No,


but in No at the same time, also to accept this reality, why not melt in something? Since the site is not only the requirement for enjoyment, for others to do, you have to consider the needs of your users. Attractive not easier to succeed, as long as the man came, far from making money? Shi Yuzhu new online "giant", at the beginning, they first engage in beauty certification through the certification, will give you the first recharge thousands of dollars. Is not a certification? Girls will think so, I just washed it for money, and not to rush. Thus, the woman has; then, the man has; and then another use of human nature to make money "great" product was born.

related but not illegal, it may be a better choice! We don’t have a lot of money, no circle level, want to get financing, it is very difficult, it is better to do simple things, do some ethical things, find an intermediate, the nature and potential value also reflected, ha ha, it seems simple, but only to a carrier. In the group of a northeast friend a while ago, to find a lover related websites, to solicit your views, I think to say this station will not make money, but to do it, as long as there is a woman to go to, the man will flood, with popularity, the product will be extended the money is just one step away…

of course, do not do these ethical things, can also go to do simple things, we usually love to do what must do bigger, ambition like ambition, ambitious, but sometimes they forget that we could manage the station, can not control, do not be too tired. You, life.