Classification information network owners need to break through several directions

classification information station is now blossom everywhere, each city’s Web site, many have changed to a classified information station. People go to the market, reputation, and so on, 58 have found a team, to raise some money to start in the second fight Oh, but some bitter city! Just started fighting small webmaster! No technology, no money, no contacts, no media support, only warm! But the reality is cruel. Some of the content is collected, but the flow reaches a certain degree, there are thousands of traffic, it is difficult to go on! It is very difficult to do the individual stationmaster station! Have considerable strength and team, and eventually only spend a lot of energy, and no gain! Personal feeling is the personal webmaster do stand. To correct attitude. Some personal Adsense is full-time, and some are part-time, the need for profit is that we need to consider, after all, only sustained profitability, in order to provide follow-up impetus for the development of the site. No cash flow to support, and finally we can only fall,


classification information station development to the present, I feel the following aspects can be used as a breakthrough point, to break through. The ability of the webmaster can choose to try ah, if you can solve the following problems, then you can be innovative! I do not open here, it is worth throwing a brick!


1. can consider the generic interface of the classified information industry, which also has a platform like alliance. Info tag. This is mainly to solve the problem of repeated information release,

!The development of

2. mobile platform, this should cause enough attention! There are hundreds of millions of mobile phone users, the Internet is also fast one hundred million people! How to develop mobile platform similar to the QQ mobile phone, mobile phone terminal sharing classified information needs,

is very valuable!Integration of media

3. classification information and offline! Currently in high-end buildings, public sites, can use the wireless network mode, classified information query and release free! For example a train station to the hotel, released in the free information station by touching the screen area can easily find a hotel! Its brand promotion value is greater than the value of


4, the communication tool between users and users of classified information websites, is still relying on QQ, MSN or Ali Wangwang, so it needs the platform tool of PC platform for integrating information publishing and querying.

I do not stand for a long time, mainly in peacetime do not have any energy to take care of, the above is a classification of information station a little thinking. Use empty to see my station, QQ:766521686

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