Discussion on the insistence and execution of stationmaster

in the twinkling of an eye, he has become webmaster for more than three months, review their three months, can be said to be fruitful. From the beginning of the web site knowledge, know nothing about, now to help new Adsense solve the problem, feel oneself have no joy. Now in their own hands with a small station car portal, 99 car network. The site is now online one hundred days or so, now in the Baidu search keywords Weihai automobile natural ranked first, Weihai automotive network search natural ranking second, update the Baidu snapshot, Baidu update now basically all the articles included in two hours. As of the post, Baidu included 7130, reverse link 11800, Google PR4, Sogou Rank51, world ranking 1 million 10 thousand.

said so many reasons, just to answer the title’s insistence and execution. Now let me say how I did it in the last one hundred days:

: the first 4.30 every morning to get up, get up every day to update information, two months before the update is not less than 50, but because they do not know the importance of the original pseudo original so basically is reproduced, but time is not fixed, updated many times a day. From third months, update 30 messages every morning, 20 in the morning, 10 in the evening, and the time of information is fixed.

second: looking for links, for new sites, this is hard work, but no matter how hard it is necessary to do, for our beloved station. Links half a month to contact 60, and it is good to have PR 3, PR4, PR5 have, so that in the first update, it directly to 3, second updates to 4, less than three months.

third: increase the chain, I do is the main blog post, I opened a lot of blog, how can not remember, but now have some weight is high, Bowen every day and take a link. Where all can leave their footprints, see counterparts reverse links, with their stickers.

fourth: soft Wen, because of his literary talent is not good, very understand the importance of their own, but at present had published 7 articles about the text, it is the website made distinctions won in battle, the title of the article search has been reprinted many sites, more not less quality links to a website.

now summarizes what should be noticed in the process of persistence:

first: be sure to update the article every day, and update the number and time of the article is best fixed, so that after a period of time, the site’s ranking will be relatively fixed. Published articles, not only weight is not heavy, can not be original, a few false original bar.

second: friendship links have to do, many old Adsense said new sites do not come out, change, optimization 2 months later. Well, after two months, you might find it easier to find a link, but the result is two to 3 for others and 0 or 1 for you.