Site day P more than 16 thousand but earn less money

from the beginning of the station to do now, from a webmaster who do not understand anything, I have been in the sea for three years more difficult swim.

in 2005, learning HTML, very hard to learn, made a web site. No income at all.

in 2006, started to learn asp, and find some thief procedures, integration released a set of "network station" program. Slowly become familiar with programming. Very hard publicity, very hard SEO, very hard to upgrade procedures. Finally fell ill, hospitalized, and later appeared on the Internet a "high Chen, a marketing method using dead stationmaster" article. I don’t want to explain any more about that article. I like to study my people and think it over myself. In short, the biggest memory I remember in 2006 was the day of hospital stay. Later, the site has a little income, but very little, very little. But there are a lot of people who support me and use my program. At that time, my vanity was full, and perhaps that was called "achievement"".

2007, I am tired, for such a low income, I can not sit still, I want to give up the web site. My girlfriend encouraged me at the time and kept on holding on for the past two years. After listening to her encouragement, I am more grateful, a woman can be so supportive of my career, I have to back it up, and then put all of the former domain name abandoned, bought a CN domain name of a dollar. Started to do my content station. Do not have any technology, installed a DZ, desperately update. Coincides with the girlfriend of a prostate cancer surgery, she stopped for some time to accompany her. After coming back, begin to update, side propaganda. Girlfriend after discharge, spare no pains to help me, help me help me to do publicity design. It worked out, and from 2000ip to 7000ip, it took us only one month. At that time, with GG’s Picasa and Firefox downloads, you could earn some dollars a day. Then, during the summer vacation, IP passed, and the income was abnormally high. Those were the days when I felt most fulfilled. Slowly, Google, Adsense also began to deteriorate, the unit price is getting lower and lower, advertising content more and more garbage, and even fraudulent advertising. In order to improve the quality and access experience of the website, I cancelled the content advertisement in the GG ad, and made the recommendation ad only. Then encounter Google adjustment of the recommended advertising, income gradually lost ground.

then started trying to be an Asian dating Union in early 2008. Hang up the ad for a few days, and find more than 100 knives a day, and make yourself happy. By the end of the second month settlement, $more than 1000 suddenly changed $more than 80. Asked the outdated MJJ, they said it was being adjusted to low performance users. In this way, my income from making friends in Asia has shrunk dramatically. All right, go ahead and do it for a month. Another month, $more than 500, plus $more than 80 a month, a total of more than 600 knives. By the end of the month to pay.