Experience and skills of Yahoo Answers free flow gold mine

Yahoo Answers we are not unfamiliar, think of Baidu know Chinese flow much, so Yahoo Answers has English flow much, but Yahoo Answers is more accurate than the target flow, and Baidu know the more stringent management. Can use Yahoo Answers for their content and site increase traffic, domestic is not much. It’s all about experience here.

if you’re looking for a free, simple, large amount of targeted traffic to your website or Blog, Yahoo Answers is a huge traffic resource site that traffic reaches you dare not imagine. To be clear, to get these traffic, the only thing you need to know is: how to avoid being Yahoo Answers as a spam (spam spoofing publisher) and ban you (disable accounts)

so how can you avoid newbie mistakes instead of being

(Yahoo Account Suspension)?

10 million don’t bombard Yahoo Answers every day with a bunch of answers.

it’s not like Baidu know, a person can reply to a lot of answers, answers out of order, wide of the mark. In Yahoo Answers, it’s easy to be K. My suggestion is that only a day for each subject reply 1-2 an answer, one of the best, to accurately answer virtually. Although this approach is slow (but easy), it’s the best way to prevent Yahoo nswers from blacklist you.

2. gives the best answer

Before answering questions,

spends some time researching and searching questions to give the author the best answer. Members of Yahoo Answers will directly reject irrelevant answers or bad answers. Everyone can answer a variety of different answers, but there is only one Best Answer (the best answer), and it is determined by the questioner. People always believe in the best answers, and Best Answer gets the most traffic. Even if you answer a Best Answer, but Never mind this Best Answer with your website, so it doesn’t matter, because when you Best Answer accumulated more, the higher your level, the more people believe in your answer, answer your ordinary (which may be your website link) can also be good flow.

3. uses more email accounts,

each topic uses a different eamil account to advertise your offer. This is to protect yourself without worrying about Yahoo Account Suspension. Because only the email account that provides the answer is because of mistakes