Thank you for talking about my experience

is not a computer major, but he has an emotional feeling about computers.

2007 graduated from college two years, mastered the basic knowledge of some dynamic web programming in school, the graduation also had to rely on this knowledge to find a computer work, the result is a software company, as can be imagined, the production company website euphemism rejected. Under the rogue, from the University of professional, looking for a person, the government departments to do up, but also the beginning of my website road. Unit of things very little, then germination make personal site.

started looking at other people’s site was always filled with a thousand regrets individual owners are feeling, some programming master, but with all kinds of free code contact, found some fur while their learning are not need to use it can build a website of your own. At first, the forum is still the main, want to attract some popularity, make up for their lack of manpower, and then understand the collector, and found a good way to post the article. Also began to have a good sense of accomplishment, but also think of Google invoices sent from afar. I found Baidu, but good times don’t last long, Google on my website and no high interest in other webmaster’s advice, I started in the online search to understand what is SEO, what is the key word, what is the website ranking, until now, these things for me is also very strange, from the heart to the lowest deep is didn’t realize this is a what kind of thing. Every day, only through the input box, enter site: my website to check whether the site included increase, ranking is up front, this time over a year, 8 months.

‘s been here for 09 years, and it’s nice to find a job on computers. Also very easy, the previous site is also sold for work reasons, a year of hard luck got 3000RMB, and Google can not get out of the 14$. The information about setting up websites has also fallen to the extreme. In February, I was thinking about rebuilding a web site for computer learning. Applying for domain names, buying space, and modifying templates, by April, the site was barely able to meet with you. This time the site, with the previous site experience, the whole process of building is very smooth. In April, the website was submitted to Baidu and Google, and so far the site is not very high, baidu 60, Google 80.

              because my site without friendship and high PR, front 3 station friendship PR3 and PR4 and a PR1, of course, PR3 and PR4 are doing friendship pages of my website has little effect. A few days ago, Google, baidu update, I accidentally found that my website’s PR value has reached 3, which is entirely out of my expectation. But all of these are due to the selfless sharing of the webmaster. Because I know the importance of the site’s originality in their sharing