nternet vulgar wind special rectification action human art suffered cold winter

with the "National Internet campaign vulgarity website" list of the fourth batch of exposure, the vulgar wind special rectification action once again reached a climax, many of the original strict site has been open. For a while, "network vulgar content" has become a hot topic on the internet.

what is the "network vulgar content" the Information Office of the State Council, deputy director Cai Mingzhao introduced to the public, including online vulgar content, does not comply with the laws and regulations of the content, including that bloody violence, murder, malicious abuse, insult slander others; easy to induce juvenile bad behavior and adolescent life learning content of normal interference, including direct or obscure body parts, sexual behavior, provocative or insulting pictures, audio and video, animation, articles, advertising and advertising activities of illegal treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, and the spread of sex, unfair friends and other information; infringement of privacy content, including emptied, candid, dew point. And the use of the network spread malicious privacy information; against right marriage and family ethics, including preaching Information about extramarital affairs, one night stands, changing wives, etc..

then "human art" is not vulgar content, this problem is not well defined, but also controversial. Because of these uncertain factors, so that human art in the "Internet vulgar wind special rectification action" suffered a cold winter. The specific manifestation is:

1, "body art" was blocked by Baidu’s masking of images and images, and


Baidu shielded the body art known as "



Baidu blocked the body art

on Baidu pictures search

is the largest Chinese Baidu search engine, Baidu’s move shows everything, that is not a good definition of "body art", in order to deal with the "Internet vulgar wind special rectification action" to prevent trouble, take "would rather kill one thousand, can not let go of one" approach, simply blocked the controversial "body art".

two and "body art" are equated with vulgar culture in the minds of most Internet users.

in the "rectification action" special Internet vulgar wind, exposure and turn off a lot of wind vulgar content of website, Internet users from different responses can be seen, the majority of Internet users to understand "body art" is still vague, do not know what is the real art of human body, the human body art is equivalent to the vulgar cultural phenomenon. According to the survey: 65% of people think that human art is vulgar culture; 15% of people do not clear. These reasons are, in addition to the Internet users of "human art" understanding of fuzzy, there are still some sites for some kind of interest, the pornographic pictures were packaged, and then posing as "human art."".

three, short for human art