Taobao operations 40% positioning 40% products and pricing 20% marketing



this is Jia Zhen’s thinking about Taobao’s operation, based on his own practical experience to interpret the 442 law. Why Taobao’s best selling women’s clothing is actually a minority national wind? What is the location of success? What does the explosion mean? There are excellent answers in the article.

some time ago, someone asked: "can you find the generation of operators?" I replied: "good, very few, but if a generation of operators do not talk about positioning and the market, only deified their operating technology, and resolutely give up.".

Taobao search here, there is a saying: SEO can explain the search itself is imperfect, with the progress of the search engine, SEO can be less and less. Similarly, as Taobao matures, the online shopping market has become more and more commercial return, the need for pure Taobao operating technology in fact less and less.

perhaps in the past few years, we have little experience, Taobao rules are not perfect, the operation can even deified some of the "junk" low-priced products, the traditional industry then entered the electricity supplier, first learn to operate. But from this year, strong feelings like me these purely operational capabilities started Xiaonianqing who need to learn the real industry as the traditional commercial operation.

has a widely used 442 law in the marketing world:

direct marketing guru · +20% Mel (Ed Mayer) said: success 40% depends on positioning, +40% depends on the product and pricing, depending on marketing.

after so many years of Taobao experience, more and more feel that Taobao operations is no longer a simple technology, more of the market sentiment and understanding.

40% positioning

The first thing

does, it must be repositioning. This is just as important as the product itself. Why? Sometimes, we find that sellers who sell the same products, some evaluate products well, others evaluate products poorly. Because different shops, customers, ecological circle is not the same. Sometimes the product is not bad, but it is not sold to the right person.

many people think, the product must be quality is king, product quality must be the best. But ZARA managed to sell a bunch of quality clothes to a group of young people who wanted to be fresh, and did a great job.

speaking of positioning, we have to talk about the data. Today’s electricity providers are aware of the importance of data, they all know the benefits of data. But is there anyone who thinks about the fact that the data are poisonous?.

sellers are now easily positioning themselves in the market for some of the largest Taobao groups by analyzing which products are the most popular. At the end of the day, the likely outcome was that everyone was squeezed into a single log bridge. Present is the scene: the entire network of sellers are doing explosive money.

online shopping and traditional stores are very much