Beautiful picture station for my view and experience

Hello, I am a junior webmaster, self-employed, ha ha, with everyone as hot as loyalty and site construction and operation, will continue to study every day, and update your own website, along the way is very hard, but very substantial, often in the Admin5, the laggards, Tianya, whiteness other places to see what can be learned, can adopt to what, see a lot of new webmaster friends wrote his voice, to write his own history, I have many feelings, it is hope to know more master can guide one or two, is also very want to recognize the primary stationmaster friends come together to help each other to study hard. I rarely post and write articles for this, because I really is not that good, but a lot of the experience of their own ideas, I stand up and say a few words, really have to exercise myself Share with you the experience of my picture station and my understanding of the picture station.

picture stand, in fact we will say the garbage station, by common consent, vulgar station, and other unhealthy information in there, in fact a lot of pictures of the station friend is just a reflection for reality and hobbies, a visual impact, an enhanced content, we pay attention to the original personal webmaster and, while the picture is our new Adsense station under a good way, after all, we still haven’t many primary webmaster to others, we need to learn and can do so quickly included and flow up the site, do picture station is a good choice, of course, is the primary webmaster.

I’m not what forum, but also have a bunch of friends to work together and do a picture of the forum, beautiful pictures, art photos, beautiful leg pictures, these pictures no matter how others think, reality is such, who does not love to see beauty, who does not love to see human nature and beautiful appearance, it is a the visual enjoyment, a kind of inner self reflected only, so this site to the current point of view, although not very hot top, but we are still very love to go to the station to browse through pictures, for our new webmaster do this station should be a good choice, as long as you adhere to the update the original words, we will learn a lot, but technically relatively requires no more.

I have always felt that

, I absolutely support the national legal support of the laws of People’s Republic of China, not all national laws prohibited content, absolutely free of vulgar content, this is a picture of a fundamental and long-term development of the station, I hope everyone can do this, modern scientific research shows that every few minutes staring at beautiful women contribute to men’s health and longevity! Researchers were observed for a period of 5 years to 200 men, found that compared with the other people who look every day "with" beautiful man, relatively low blood pressure, pulse beat slow, and less heart disease. A man’s gentle gaze at a beautiful woman is like admiring a beautiful view which helps the health of body and mind. Gazing at a beautiful woman for 10 minutes is about as much aerobic exercise as 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. Do these eyes every day