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search engine promotion method is divided into many different forms, we compare the main common: search engine optimization, keyword advertising, login free catalogue, login pay categories, keywords PPC, web content targeted advertising etc.. sh419 search can log in sh419 search "website submission".

as a webmaster, if we want to get long-term survival, promotion methods is the most important site. To do the promotion of the website is not an easy thing. He has to spend much of our time, we also spend a lot of energy. Following the golden Wangzhuan few years popular promotion methods summarized 8 kinds of share:

fourth, the blog promotion method


this method is mainly used when your site has a certain scale of time, you can submit it to the navigation. General navigation station good, requirements in more than pr3. So they collected as long as you stand, to bring you the very good flow.

in sh419 know, Sina asked the quiz website, choose some hot topic to answer a question. Or you can take the way of question and answer. Here you have to remember to take your website in response to the content of external links, this is more conducive to the user in the search for these topics, easily find a link to your site. Related reading "promotion Tsuburi 08: inquiry platform promotion techniques"

on the way Taobao money off, I was through their own ideas, not to communicate with people to reach the actual monthly income, earning 3000 I just do Taobao off third months of the year, but still the level there has been no progress, I feel like maybe communicate with me because fewer.

, the first search engine promotion method

tells the story:

I always think I am a food is food rookie, do Taobao customers a day to earn 100020005000 or 1W There are plenty of people who have a lot of friends around me, this level is around me, so I make a month is just a day or half a day to earn others, often because this is not that they did not find what is the secret anguish direction.

do Amoy >

was very upset, but decided to write this article, before countless times in the A5 article, all want to put their own feelings or experience to write down, also to try, but finally finished removing all time. More and more could not write.

fifth, Q & a website promotion method

portal blog are basically free to apply to, popularity is also high. Such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase, sh419, personal space and so on. You can add some circles and groups in your blog, then you write original articles, and blog group tool, easily forwarded to each big blog. So you will publish articles to let more people know.

so, first I found there are about 4-5 words to do a few stations, because buy a record meter to about 60, he has been very save, first bought 2, over a period of time to buy a few, from September to the end of my hand only about 5 names. I do a few stops, when sh419’s algorithm is friendly to new sites, new sites do lead spider basic seconds, and then ranked within a day to the top three, and then slowly down. I do not understand SEO, but also very puzzled about this situation, but also to seowhy post consultation. Then I will use two meters directly to the original station to use the same data, or data, rice is not the same, sh419 included, as for ranking, so the two meters I did about more than 10 stations, the 4-5 key words, after a period of time will become key words unstable. Occasionally a word in the top three, occasionally 2 words in the first three. My income came from these words, reaching 20 a day, then 50, then 70, then 100.

some wonderful content page or site is added to the bookmarks, drawer, and then share. This allows more users to see your collection. At the same time, they will also appear in the search engine, you can and what >

favorites promotion methodYou can

third, soft Wen promotion method

did not say more, I believe that some see the friends is fragrant and find some way to tell the truth, this article may let you down, because more like talking about my mind, from 0 to the present guest experience. But friends who have similar experiences may find what you want.

second, navigation website promotion method

previous experience will not say, I knew all the Wangzhuan behavior on the network, but because of their no funds college money out, can not afford to buy space has been no station operating state, in September last year, in half a month after I decided to try to do Taobao guest. In the hands of eating and drinking, with a little spare money, the direct purchase of VPS, station group management software. My idea is to find the word "competition" in 1. 2.z-blog stands. 3. station group software update. Using station group software is just for updating convenience, because I am too lazy and don’t want to do it by hand.

this method is very useful, I also compare the value of. I want to introduce key. The first is what is the promotion of soft paper? What is its main function? Promotion and publicity is through advertising in the form of text on their own soft Wen promotion means, to achieve the desired effect, their technology, products, services, culture, etc., through newspapers, radio, television, Internet advertising, let more people and organizations to understand, accept, and achieve the effect of publicity and popularization.

Now the