Li Shanyou why don’t people in foreign enterprises dare start their own businessesThree types of new

itself in a team, or you have a lot of network master friends, then this way is suitable for you, is through the ground reality friendship operation, put these on the network master, the reality of the child operation to be your friend, usually on the phone to communicate about, ask they are what the project operation now, you can not look at the past, learn about their operation if he said project, what should be prepared to do some tools, what kind of.

therefore, people in foreign enterprises are itching to watch others start their business, but in the face of no system, platform, brand support, they are more timid and afraid. In the original place to be comfortable, and less willing to take out adventure. I met a lot of friends working in a foreign company, often deciding whether to start a business would take two or three years, and so on, the opportunity is gone. They are good at rational analysis, in fact, entrepreneurship is an impulse and passion, not by analysis can draw conclusions.

foreign companies are in a large system, even if it is very successful, but also part of the whole part, behind the brand, logistics, products and many other resources in support. Such a sense of achievement is really limited, and the more the end, the more a small part of the system. Some people have done statistics, airborne foreign private enterprises executives success rate of less than 10%, in addition to cultural factors, that is resilience.


personal webmaster, a very noble occupation, no one would say that he will be able to start a day to earn much money! Are slowly learning, slowly accumulated experience, coupled with their own hard work, one day grow up! This article is reproduced here, hope to have to help novice and master! Don’t scold me

1, the cycle is too long, generally need more than half a year.

2, a friend with perseverance and determination, who decides to do a career.

two, looking for teachers and friends.

1, a friend without financial pressure, can afford long periods without income.

second, entrepreneurs tend to have a special advantage, while there are many shortcomings of people. The most important thing about starting a business is putting your long board to the top, and I made it clear in the 5 monthly column, "the 7 traits of a successful entrepreneur.". However, the ways and objectives of cultivating foreign companies are not quite consistent with this. By the end of the year, >

for crowds:

2 can be famous.

vase phenomenon is the primary factor. From a psychological point of view, when you make a special effort to accomplish something, it will become a limit to your next step. It is as if you have carefully molded a vase. The vase has a very nice exterior, which holds your position, your money, your family, etc.. But your heart and potential are also bound inside the vase, lonely and insecure.


for example, we download a master tutorial lectures, then we put these tutorials are arranged in order according to the simple to the complex, then an article carefully study, in the learning process, and then according to their actual situation, the inside should learn knowledge and complement as well as examples to write is to write a study notes, is through this tutorial to learn what, what has been mentioned, "a sample of what is, you have to do it yourself, to what extend themselves to the new, what advice.

one, while learning to organize their own tutorials.

1 has a lot of knowledge.

If you

2, most people suffer from long periods of no income, light learning, so those who stick to it don’t even have 1/1000.

angel investor Tan Chi also spoke at the angel Congress, 20 years ago, people are most proud of foreign enterprises, entrepreneurship means not find a job. On the contrary, you have to say that you work in a foreign company and you will be laughed at. The exciting thing is to start a business.

for foreign enterprises, these two words are a bit extreme, a bit harsh; but the survey of the current Internet leader, the proportion of foreign companies is not high. So lately I’ve been thinking, what causes foreign executives and occupation managers do not dare to venture out, or entrepreneurial success rate is not too high? Logically speaking, foreign executives entrepreneurial success rate should be higher, they are educated, English, knowledge management. However, I found that there are three major factors that lead to foreign entrepreneurs do not dare to start a business.

is through to write this review, then this article is particularly suitable for newcomers to read, usually do not publish their own articles, but the accumulation, when accumulated to more than 500 articles, can be printed, and then as a training course for bidding promotion, announced some sections of authenticity let others know you care and tutorial, so this is equal to your own fame and profit has laid a solid foundation, the more you order, the more difficult is beyond you.

3, famous for making a profit at the same time.

Sun Taoran mentioned in the "36 rules" in business, the most ideal occupation road for young people, is the first big company after graduation to work for a few years, you can learn a lot of knowledge management, will enhance the realm. Then you can go to the start-up company to work, and finally start your own business. Don’t start a business or stay in a big company for too long. In the company of not more than 5 years, or basic is a waste, a mouse in the greenhouse, the survival ability of degradation, but also very tall.