How to through effective propaganda Wangzhuan Wangzhuan ForumQi Rui Chen Lu four entrepreneurship is

"stationmaster": what do you do before you start your business?

‘s departure from the top 500 companies for 6 years of entrepreneurship is, to me, like a return to nature, a response to curiosity.

is the first to have a good Wangzhuan project, through some Wangzhuan forum to find, how to judge whether a project is really false, we must have a detailed verification, for example; view the project’s web interface layout is regular, usually those false deceptive project website are just upload page, write this looks quite a mess up point, whether the site for the record, but also from the search engines to see other people’s evaluation of this program, this is not to say with.

Chen Lu: what do you mean? Working in a big company with a good salary and a steady job and a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in the beginning. But in the course of time, step-by-step, regular work has become a shackle, bound imagination. For example, before reading, I was full of curiosity, every little new things, very excited; can work with immutable and frozen curiosity, covered with a layer of dust, as if between self and nature slowly comb.

make a lot of friends in order to achieve the effect of publicity, repeat posting continuously, feel better, this kind of idea is wrong, don’t you repeat this post not to effect, and soon by the administrator to delete your post, to finally waste their labor and didn’t get results, you can.

"webmaster": first of all, please briefly introduce your entrepreneurial team.


"stationmaster": do poineering work these years, have maintained small-sized team size all the time? Have you ever wanted to expand?

in Wangzhuan world, 70% novice, 20% is just to get started soon, but this kind of people can persist in the Wangzhuan industry is only 10% probability of continuous development, so that only 10% of the protracted war in Wangzhuan in this industry, there are only these people can earn a lot of money in Wangzhuan is really people need to quit Wangzhuan, cannot get profit for this in Wangzhuan

Chen Lu: in one of the world’s top 500 central enterprises work, served as IT information manager, is responsible for ERP project.

Chen Lu has been in business for 6 years. Once he is a God’s favored one, after graduation directly into the world top 500 enterprises, after struggling to sit on the seat of the middle-level cadres. But just 2 years later, he resolutely gave up stable work and generous treatment, and put into the entrepreneurial army, this walk is six years.

Chen Lu: at present, there are 6 people in our team. They are divided into three categories, "R & D", "customer service" and "administration" according to their responsibilities. Starting from 2005, we have been engaged in the development of Discuz and its peripheral plug-ins and applications. It belongs to a typical small development team, or you call us a "small start-up workshop".

in foreign countries, due to the development of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan industry is relatively early, relative to the size of. The domestic development of the industry, Wangzhuan also started slowly forming, Wangzhuan the way more and more, if you want to make money, you need to have two conditions:

said here by way of sticky propaganda, do not ask you to buy forum paste of course, if you have the money to support it, you can also buy directly paste, the effect is better but you always pay attention to some of the more popular popularity of the forum, the forum people often buy sticky advertising if you meet, just top posts quickly in the post back to a paste, don’t start thinking about how to reply, reply what content, reply, just to support the project, for example, good things, the first objective is to reply to you first occupy the floor, usually the first page casually a floor can, it is best to sofa, bench, ha ha, after the success of your reply, then slowly edit the contents of the reply, under your reply content has a Edit button, a The forum this button at the top, so you can not spend money, but also can get very good publicity

 : a way of publicity; with the forum sticky propaganda

Chen Lu: I thought, between the big and the deep, we chose the latter. The core values of our team are trust and responsibility. Trust is given by the customer, and the responsibility is borne by him. 2 simple words are not so easy to achieve – to get the customer’s approval, we >

the 21 good projects need to have a good propaganda way, today is to talk about how to get the hang of Wangzhuan forum in publicity, Wangzhuan industry fans know Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum is propaganda an important place, the premise, first you collect some popular Wangzhuan at the forum, sh419 search, or Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum can generally be found.


recalls these years of entrepreneurial feelings, Chen Lu think and enterprise work is completely different feeling. Working in an enterprise, stable, comfortable, but mechanized, self starting, working overtime, lonely, but fulfilling and satisfying, and self value is reflected. Chen Lu’s vision of entrepreneurship is not success, not A wheel, B wheel and IPO, he believes that entrepreneurship is a curiosity, self access means, but also the only way to achieve self-worth. Recalling 6 years of entrepreneurial experience, he said with emotion: "the pursuit of dreams is a very luxury thing, but the value."."

"stationmaster": this should belong to a good job at that time. Why would you choose to leave your business?

propaganda two: to create a flourishing post

is a reporter for the Xi’an Qi Rui founder Chen Lu interview abstract excerpt: