A few months P reminds me of Admin52 trillion and 600 billion is the market capitalization of Tenc

my friends and I summarized several advantages of Wangzhuan for your reference:

for Tencent is concerned, because he just made a performance, the performance is very good, revenue grew by 55%, so much revenue volume, there is so fast growth, very good. I’ll start by talking about his probably upward space.

unknowingly stay in the house for nearly two weeks, and do the Alliance for a few days, tens of thousands, I did, and I think, suddenly there is an idea, build a website dedicated to the webmaster AD hair how good? Just do it, I spend one yuan for two maize. An alliance, a forum, www.yulead.cn alliance to develop well, will miss the popular forum, a lot of people do Wangzhuan, some people make a lot of money, some people suffer setbacks and give up, just reflect the influence of each of these the attitude for the results, but I want to put forward a new view of Wangzhuan now, we can refer to.

now I’m telling you what you’re going to get:

some core games revenue is very strong, last year, Fantasy Westward Journey strongest month water more than 1 billion.

first of all, thank you very much for the invitation of Alfa workshop, and share with you today’s investment in Tencent.

Tencent is the strongest user base, has great stickiness, his close to 9 hundred million users, WeChat has more than 900 million.

Basic knowledge of Of course, we also see the

in the past two years, Tencent also proved that he has the ability to continue to PC game IP into mobilegame, the game’s R & D and distribution is very strong. At present, his mobilegame income has surpassed the game income half, achieves 56.6%.

over the same period the proportion of NetEase has risen to 73.3%, because the original NetEase also has a lot of PC end of the IP, such as "Fantasy Westward Journey", "journey to the west", "ghost story" and so on, these IP PC in the end is very strong, large-scale NetEase last year put some PCgame into mobilegame.

, the first short-term or watch the game, because Tencent’s PC, game and mobilegame are very strong, is China’s largest gaming company.

Of course, now

let me start by talking about the Tencent’s upside. Then, let’s talk about why we should choose the subject that can be invested for a long time. Some of the latest trends about the Internet, the Internet China trend with the United States the trend of the Internet, including artificial intelligence and we have a conversation, finally also welcome some questions, I try to be a solution to the problem.

on another level, mobile devices such as the screen is growing, faster and faster, and now basically China has 4G, and 5G came, the speed is even faster.

, this is a monthly active user, and the proportion of DAU/MAU is very high, and WeChat’s DAU is over 700 million. High DAU platform, game user conversion will be very good protection.


game is much better than previously expected, and the life cycle of a mobile game is much longer than expected, and people are using mobile devices much longer than PC.

Tencent mobile game stronger, "king of glory" DAU more than 80 million months, the water is close to 3 billion, a quarter of the income may have a 8 billion yuan, so the game is far higher than expected.

besides, he can log in anytime and anywhere, and the stickiness will be stronger and stronger. >

1. website construction, know website construction construction process of

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