How to look at the face of Wangzhuan free of chargeHow do you make money from CPS ads

many webmaster may have tried to put CPS ads, but the delay can not be effective, so have to replace other advertising. Why does it work badly?. Knife, for example, your website is a movie site, and you put the CPS ad is to guide others to buy watches. Do you think someone in your website might need to buy a watch? Maybe, but the chances are very small. There may be tens of thousands of traffic on your site, but there may be no conversion at all. And the same ad for buying watches, I put on a blog with only 100 IP related themes, the conversion will be much better than your 10 thousand IP movie site,

wrote this because I didn’t want to see a friend reply to a post I sent today. Originally only with a vent to respond to some ideas written based on the lack of the textual research and comments, can calm down and think that it is not necessary. Just write a little superficial view of the project’s free and charging. For right or wrong, it represents my personal opinion.

Miracle always believed in one word: "there is no such thing as a free lunch.". Taobao guest website program is free? Unfortunately, that is to tamper with your PID, steal your income. Do you think it’s free to study first and pay later? Sorry, that’s to trick you into buying his space. Is it free of charge to offer you the shlf1314 bidding course? Sorry, that’s where you’re going to guide him to the Taobao store. A bunch of online part-time jobs are free? Unfortunately, that’s what you do for him to register with CPA. After so many years of Internet, I have seen too many things. But I firmly believe that one reason, in the absence of understanding of the premise, do not blindly affirm or deny others. You haven’t seen any of the items yet, but you don’t have to pay for a single one. Ha ha, I am speechless.

CPS Cost Per Sales: the actual amount of sales of products to convert advertising amount. That is, the charge according to each order / transaction. For each successful transaction, a site owner receives a commission.

is now a variety of websites and blogs to make money in many ways, China webmaster mostly to advertising as the main way of profit, but a lot of friends website or blog what, because there are no traffic, so the advertising effect is not good, even the hard domain space investment does not come back to earn, so here to talk about how to use a knife CPS advertising to make money, even if your website or blog not much traffic flow.

because the advantage of CPS advertising is that advertising revenue is not limited by traffic, >

CPS advertising in foreign countries have another name: Affiliate joint marketing plan, in the developed areas of the Internet advertising alliance, CPS type of advertising has become the most important form of advertising. Especially with the current financial crisis, many enterprises are beginning to tighten their advertising budgets. And in the advertising type, CPS is the most appropriate, effective to pay, in the face of advertisers sales pressure is not great. Therefore, CPS this way to pay the effect of advertising will become the best choice for advertisers, and now some of the larger advertising alliance also focus on the development of CPS. For example, more well-known Ali mom, the results of the net, foreign CB, CJ, and so on

I don’t know why some friends talk about charges as scared as. Do not read when you see the money. I know, in fact, for everyone, the best food, clothing, shelter, use the line, all free of charge. At that time, that sort of thing only existed in the ideal society. A person is always concerned about free things, doomed never to see the dross or trap.

thank the expert, please does. If you can come up with a project and can trade at Taobao, first see the item satisfaction and then confirm the payment, not satisfied with the direct refund. You can contact me immediately, no matter your project price geometry, I would like to be your first customer. Say no humility, not everyone can call it a genius. If you’re really a day

Miracle never asked anyone to recognize me, nor did you say you had to buy my project. But it’s not necessary to kill a man because of one’s opinion. Moreover, my project is a Taobao transaction each, we feel that the project is not satisfied, it is not feasible, you can not confirm the payment. I can do it on the basis of my steady, profitable and strong confidence in my project testing. I’m sure every friend who gets the project won’t give me a refund.

is not good?

CPS advertising is a type of advertising that leads users to consume commissions.

many of my friends all know that CPS advertising is going on, but most people choose love Click and pop category of advertising, because of the webmaster, effective immediately, it is best that day will be able to see the money is the best, so it is caused by the current spread of domestic advertising cheating environment. And CPS advertising relative to the actual transaction to get commission income, if not the right way, just throw in, then the effect is very bad, so very few people will choose it.

In fact,

first, let’s look at what the definition of CPS advertising is.

has always felt that I pay my wisdom, research projects, I pay my sweat, again and again on the project testing, I take a mature project out of sales, personal feel understandable. You told me I was looking for neither relative nor friend, no reason to put their hard test items free of charge? I just feel too lazy, operation too tired, so I want to guide you, change the profit model, to help others make money at the same time myself, I don’t think this is what