Did not use nternet thinking OPPO vivo why can complete sales counter attackClassification website

, in the smartphone industry, is sometimes forgotten because it is a business in nature.

  1. first or first class?
  provide channels for transactions in the secondary market for stolen goods, for porn matchmaking city dating, provide convenient recruitment, rent black intermediary, information classification, Nishajuxia dragons and fishes jumbled together with basically all the market classification website.
  but I don’t think the classification site should have pure-hearted, keep a virgin, but from the appearance we should find a deeper problem: only work on "points", but not for energy in the "class", classification of sites are only a downfall, at that time, not a people feel sorry.
  "" infinite subdivision, "get up" to "go to bed", from "visceral" to "underwear", not what can not put the classification on the site, and editors are happy to sit there for their brains, website frame staking, it seems that as long as the share of category is complete, all of the target the visitors will have to find a home, market promotion work is carried out smoothly. Shot in the forehead, found something out of the ground really meet the needs of our potential consumers "?
  "class" – why we Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. classification, site? Who can provide what I need because it can find what I need? Are those with whom I had a need to exchange, complementary demand and similar habits "netizens": not because of a site of fame, but because the site of a "ID", a "living" I have the habit of wandering why hot, except at the speculation, more important is because there are countless, let me go with me to resonate with Murong Xuecun, Ning Caishen……
  2. classification is very tired; put a piece of wood into a number or a piece of steel plate is cut into several pieces can create the Milky Way battleship? No, that would be a building block or a temporary manhole cover. Similarly, the people’s material and spiritual needs of one, a piece of land is subdivided into several "few vapid noun" description of the action, you can allow users to publish and search information?
 : "providing platforms" is like "getting benefits", and it’s the basic premise for the CEO to create a bright future.
 : we need to look at the theory of needs in psychology and the cost theory in economics.
  anyone who comes to classify web browsing in the eyes of web owners, IP seeks nothing more than

, OPPO, and vivo aren’t born.



domestic market

previously, OPPO and vivo counter attack performance has emerged. According to data released by IDC, the VO Corps has surpassed HUAWEI in the first half of this year.

market share


besides, Chen Mingyong, who likes to play chess, has another famous saying circulating in the circle: "you put your foot down, I put mine down, and at last I come out."." Under the word meaning, he advocated to fight the enemy separately.

and other mobile phone company founder is happy to act as a "net red" in social media. Chen Mingyong is not Cantonese, but has a low-key Cantonese businessman. His last public meeting with the media was in 2014. Over the past few years, he has succeeded in instilling the word "duty" into the team as an internal and external mantra for OPPO employees. He has even written within his own borders that he is not allowed to attack or respond to his opponent.

Duan Yongping, chairman of


domestic market share is growing fast, but OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong in August issued an internal letter said: "the situation is very good, but I like the thorn in the side, worried that OPPO was outside flattery……"

OPPO, is also chairman of BBK group, and vivo is the smartphone brand created by BBK in 2011.

market share dark horse how to be born,

launched its first generation iPhone since apple in 2007, and the global smartphone market has grown for 9 years. Even in the China is regarded as a huge potential market, from the function to intelligent mobile phone replacement wave, is also nearing completion, innovative mobile phone hardware level, in recent years, almost to a standstill, especially the Android system based on mobile phone market, the product has been in a highly competitive > homogenization

, IDC and Gartner, these two IT market research institutions for the first two quarters of 2016 reports made, OPPO first access to the world’s top five smartphone manufacturers list. Thanks to the strong performance of R9 in China and overseas, OPPO became the highest volume maker in the second quarter, with shipments up 129% year on year." Gartner analysis in the relevant press release, "it is" shake self timer "and" quick charge "these two functions, to help OPPO in the highly competitive Chinese market to get good performance."