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on July 4th afternoon, Tencent developer salon Chengdu Railway Station and TFC Chengdu tour will be held in Chengdu hi tech Zone Tianfu Software Park inspired coffee. As we have learned, this activity is organized jointly by Tencent open platform, above net, Sharon’s theme is "the fine game that I see in the eye" focus game, especially mobile game domain. At that time, the Tencent will distribute open platform leading advantage of Chengdu Tencent in the field of Mobile Games interpretation of developer support policies and the application treasure, there are a number of local high-quality game team together to share their stories, to share with you the secret of success.


in order to help Chengdu developers for better Internet innovation and entrepreneurship, Tencent entrepreneurship base Chengdu Railway Station was held at the end of the opening ceremony, for Chengdu developers and entrepreneurs open application. Starting in 2014, the Tencent base will take a broad view of the country, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and beyond

, one of the organizers of the event, Tencent’s open platform in the game developers support and distribution of the game has a good strength. Through the organic combination of a variety of modes of cooperation and different marketing channels, the Tencent open platform in the country have helped a large number of game team made a lot of money on record: "six circles Fairy", "fire dragon", "dream Xian", "Q" Fantian, Webpage Game 50% NEW users from the task bazaar. Among them, "six immortals Xian Zun" on-line a year, the monthly water breakthrough 40 million yuan. Tencent entrepreneurial base incubator quality Mobile Games "crazy money to come" to obtain 310 thousand downloads during the application of the Tencent exclusive debut treasure, "do not step on the white pieces of the first" new users broken million, the installed capacity of more than 100 million.

    network chat with a gangster, after talking about career and fame, he light sentence: gentleman, ashamed of the words. From my years of confused heart. Lenovo gangster years ago predicament and now know this meaningful successful in the official career.
      he did ten years of hard work. Conscientious corporate culture, fame, but as pour as a church mouse. Ten years later, he realized this, took 3 years to earn ten million. Today, he is a light sentence, straight to all my failure to solve the crux of the problem of earnings.
      the Internet is making money. A tired, variety, can not earn money, everything is white.
      life can mean, a man can do good. But doing business, doing web sites must be ambitious. First consideration must be given to profits. For the people can not be greedy, for the business can not be raped, to do good, the hands of the first money, and earn reasonable profits.
        this text is very short, but may be read a very thick book can not learn. The site as a cause of friends to share together.

currently, the Tencent developer salon Chengdu Railway Station has been fully open registration, deadline for July 3rd. Interested developers can sign up through the developer’s open forum or WeChat.

Chengdu game tour industry base, the speed of fast development in recent years, game development team hi tech Zone has gathered more than 600 play based mobile Internet business team and nearly 30 thousand people, has a "Mobile Games fourth city" reputation in the industry. A large number of game developers and entrepreneurial teams converge in Chengdu, making Chengdu the birth of a number of outstanding boutique hand travel masterpiece. In the formation of a good game entrepreneurial atmosphere, local game development competition is more intense. In order to give more Chengdu local game developers to provide business experience and reference of the Tencent, such as joint developers salon dkmgame, prism, palm entertainment world and interact with other well-known local team game, for the participants to share their views on the quality of the game.